History:  The following recipe is not traditional Russian.  It was, in fact, concocted by a French chef, Marie Antoine Careme, while he was cooking for the royal family of Czar Nicholas I.  Careme was abandoned in the streets of Paris by his father at the tender age of eight.   He found work as a dishwasher, but was later befriended by a pastry chef.  Careme studied pastry voraciously, and soon gained fame by incorporating elements of architecture and nationalism into his recipes.  He traveled widely, feeding many royal families which also included those of Baron James Rothschild and Alexander I of Russia. 

Source:  Vodka Berries Romanoff was brought to our attention by John Rose, a successful advertising executive who has recently published The Vodka Cookbook, which is truly a celebration of inebriated food.  The book, now on sale on Amazon.com, will feed you well such "naughty foods" as Food Flights (soup-like shooters), Loaded Doughnuts, and Glazed & Confused Chicken.  The book was recently featured on British television. 

Read John’s Food Blog for many more free recipes and read an interview SRAS did with John way back in the day before he was a famous food celebrity. 

Vodka Berries Romanoff

300g (approx. 2 pints) fresh strawberries (or mixed fresh berries)
1 tablespoon lemon juice
1 tablespoon powdered sugar
4 tablespoons vodka or Orange Peel Vodka (see page 142 of The Vodka Cookbook)
125ml (4fl oz) sour cream
225ml (8fl oz) vanilla ice cream, softened
225ml (8fl oz) Lemon Vodka Whipped Cream (see page 119)
2 tablespoons fresh mint, shredded

Preparation: Rinse the berries (if using strawberries, wash, hull and dry), toss in sugar and lemon and arrange on a serving platter.  Whisk together vodka and sour cream in a large mixing bowl. Stir in ice cream and fold in whipped cream. Pour the cream mixture on top of the berries and garnish with fresh mint.

Serves 4-6

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Vodka Berries Romanoff

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Vodka being "infused" with flavor (such as pineapple)

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