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VESTNIK has been created by The School of Russian and Asian Studies in an effort to effectively encourage the study of Russia and those states formerly a part of the Soviet Union. VESTNIK is a scholarly journal which publishes the best in undergraduate and graduate research on any subject of relevance to that geographic region.

Our fifth issue presents unique views of diverse issues. "The Sensationalization and Normalization of Prostitution in Post-Soviet Russia" questions the status quo of organizations working against prostitution and sex trafficking in Russia. "Russian Political Culture Since 1985" reexamines the common assumption that glasnost began the process of democratization in Russia. "Military Learning Between the Chechen Wars" examines the current state of the Russian military in light of the relatively new theories and study of military learning. Lastly, although the New Great Game, referring to current struggle for power in Central Asia, is already a well-established concept, "US-Russian Energy Security in the Caucasus" takes an exceptionally well-documented view of what the Great Game might mean for the US in terms of energy security and military conflict.

We hope you will be as excited about this issue of VESTNIK as we are; it goes far to show that creative, orginal, and sound scholarship is being done by students of Russia-related studies.

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2006-10-24 - US-Russian Energy Security in the Caucasus

2006-10-24 - Military Learning Between the Chechen Wars

2006-10-23 - Normalization of Prostitution in Post-Soviet Russia

2006-10-20 - Russian Political Culture Since 1985

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