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How the News is Reported in Russia, February, 2017

The State of Study Abroad in Russia

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Vestnik, The Journal of Russian and Asian Studies, Issue 6, The Meaning of Russian

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VESTNIK has been created by The School of Russian and Asian Studies in an effort to effectively encourage the study of Russia and those states formerly a part of the Soviet Union. VESTNIK is a scholarly journal which publishes the best in undergraduate and graduate research on any subject of relevance to that geographic region.

This, our sixth issue focuses on what it means and has meant to be Russian. "Layers of Identity" examines how children of immigrants from FSU define their self-identity. "The 'Norman Problem' in Historiography" studies the age-old question of how Russian civization was born. "The Rise of Economic Nationalism" studies how nationalism is being affected by and effecting modern economic policy. "Rejecting Professional Medicine" shows, in part, how deeply held Russian beliefs are affecting the Russian health care system. Finally, "Empire, Nationalities, and the Collapse of the Soviet Union" posits the theory that nationalism was a major contributor to the fall of the USSR.

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Articles also available individually in HTML below

2007-05-16 - Economic Nationalism under Globalization

2007-05-08 - Empire, Nationalities, and the Collapse of the USSR

2007-05-08 - Nationalism and the Origins of Russia

2007-05-08 - Self-identity in U.S. child immigrants from the FSU

2007-05-08 - Rejecting Professional Medicine in Contemporary Russia