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Vestnik---placeholder Welcome! Добро пожаловать!

VESTNIK was created by The School of Russian and Asian Studies in an effort to effectively encourage the study of Russia and those states formerly a part of the Soviet Union. VESTNIK is a scholarly journal which publishes the best in undergraduate and graduate research on any subject of relevance to that geographic region.

In this, its sixteenth issue, Vestnik focuses largely on politics in multiple contexts, including modern, historical, international, and social. 

Two entries take a historical perspective. In The Theories of the Slavophiles: on the Relationship between State and Society in Russia, Rupert Holland, a recent graduate from the University of Birmingham, looks at how the Slavophiles viewed the role of government. This has considerable importance today as Slavophile theories have influence on modern Russian nationalism. Another entry, Channels of Legal Agency in Russian Serfdom, by Joseph Belza, a student at Boston College Law School, examines the right of serfs to petition the czar directly and the importance that right had within their status as serfs. This right was largely withheld from slaves in Western countries.

Looking at contemporary issues are three additional entries. Contemporary Russian-Serbian Relations: Interviews with Youth in Serbia, by Chloe Kay, a recent graduate of the Univeristy of Boulder, features primary research she performed in the US and in Serbia as part of her senior thesis. The work elucidates the political views of youth in Serbia from a range of political backgrounds. Non-Governmental Organizations in Russia: Adapting for Success, by Jacqueline Dufalla, who recently graduated from University of Pittsburgh with degrees in Slavic Studies as well as Politics and Philosophy, examines recent changes to the legal and social environments for NGOs in Russia and how NGOs are working within that environment to improve Russian society.

Lastly, Accessible Art and Dialectic Potential: The Soviet Legacy in the Art Community of Kyrgyzstan, by Corinne Hughes, a recent graduate from the Evergreen State College with a concentration in Russian and Eurasian Studies, explores Kyrgyzstan's contemporary art world, including its current and historical legal and social environment, and including efforts to integrate it with the global art community.  

We hope you will find this issue interesting and informative. Share it with your friends, classmates, and colleagues if you do!

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2014-08-24 - Contemporary Russian-Serbian Relations: Interviews with Youth in Serbia

2014-08-23 - Channels of Legal Agency in Russian Serfdom

2014-08-23 - The Soviet Legacy in the Art Community of Kyrgyzstan

2014-08-23 - Non-Governmental Organizations in Russia: Adapting for Success

2014-08-22 - Theories of the Slavophiles: Relationship between State and Society in Russia

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