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VESTNIK was created by The School of Russian and Asian Studies in an effort to effectively encourage the study of Russia and those states formerly a part of the Soviet Union. VESTNIK is a scholarly journal which publishes the best in undergraduate and graduate research on any subject of relevance to that geographic region.

In this, its twelfth issue, Vestnik brings you a wide range of articles on diverse subjects. Two articles focus on Ukraine. Historical Context and Modern Demands: Reinterpreting Linguistic Human Rights in Ukraine looks at some of the major challenges created by Ukraine's linguistic diversity. The Armenian Colonies in Ukraine gives original research on the history of one of Ukraine's ethnic minorities.

The other three articles look at modern and historical social issues in Russia and the USSR. Cooperative Ventures of Russian Civil Society gives an inside look at how one NGO work together (and competes) with other NGOs in Russia and abroad. Lake Baikal in Space and Place presents original research into how locals in Irkutsk view the environmental issues around them. Finally, Кем Быть: Whom Shall I Be? examines early Soviet educational policy in the context of broader Soviet domestic policies.

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2012-11-01 - The Armenian Colonies in Ukraine

2012-10-31 - Historical Context and Modern Demands: Reinterpreting Linguistic Human Rights in Ukraine

2012-10-31 - Кем Быть: Whom Shall I Be?

2012-10-31 - Lake Baikal in Space and Place

2012-10-23 - Cooperative Ventures of Russian Civil Society: Three Case Studies from the Memorial Human Rights Group

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