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The School of Russian and Asian Studies (SRAS) is a California-based organization of educational consultants. We partner with some of Eurasia's best educational institutions, assisting them with developing curricula that will stand up to Western credit transfer requirements. Our partners provide the classrooms and professors to administer the programs. Meanwhile, SRAS provides services that international students need but that Eurasian schools can't or historically haven't provided. These include local orientation, insurance, visa support, 24-hour in-country support, preparing documentation for credit transfer, cultural programs, travel options, and arranging internships (to name a few).

Read about our partners below, then check out our Program Search Engine. Come see why students and faculty alike chose to study, research, and travel abroad with SRAS!

Moscow State University - main building  

Lomonosov Moscow State University (MGU)
Moscow, Russia.  >City Guide   >Campus Life

MGU is Russia's top ranked university. The massive Stalinist silhouette of its main building (the dorm) is beloved by Muscovites as a symbol of their city. Students from all over the world come here to study among the more than 30,000 Russian students who are also enrolled. This surrounds you with modern Russian youth while also allowing you to form support groups of people from English-speaking countries. MGU is for those who like to be in the center of action in a busy metropolis and are willing to make the effort to seek out Russian friends for language practice and cultural immersion.


St. Petersburg State University of Economics (UNECON)
St. Petersburg, Russia.  >City Guide   >Campus Life

St. Petersburg is Russia's cultural capital, an economic capital, and Russia's "Window on Europe." For students interested in the arts, literature, or international business and politics, studying at St. Petersburg State University of Economics (UNECON) is an easy choice.

Horseback riding near Bishkek  

The London School in Bishkek (LSB)
Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.   >City Guide    >Campus Life

Students wishing to combine serious language, history, and cultural studies with crafts lessons, village home stays, hiking, horseback riding, and swimming are especially drawn to The London School. Located in the politically turbulent capital of one of the United States' strongest allies in the strategically invaluable region of Central Asia, future diplomats and state department workers also frequent its programs. The London School is a private language school operating since 1998 and has also served clients such as the UNDP, the US Embassy, and USAID projects.

Exploring beautiful Irkutsk  

Irkutsk State University
Irkutsk, Russia.   >City Guide   >Campus Life

Irkutsk offers a mix of what draws students to other locations: an immersion experience but with select courses offered in English; plus, an outdoor adventure and a thriving intellectual cultural scene. Probably the biggest draw to this area is nearby Lake Baikal, the world's largest fresh water lake that hosts a highly unique ecosystem. However, students attending programs in Irkutsk are diverse in their interests: intensive Russian studies, ecology, Russian/Chinese relations, and Siberian history are just some of the programs to experience in this well-rounded city!

SRAS student exploring Vladivostok with a local  

Vladivostok State University of Economics and Service (VSUES)
Vladivostok, Russia.     >City Guide    >Campus Life 

With the massive distance separating it from the Russian capital, Vladivostok has always had something of an independent and free-spirited streak. Modern alternative culture thrives here. Vladivostok is also an international trading hub Japan, China, and Korea. Students often take the ferry to Japan or a train to China after their program. VSUES is one of Russia's most progressive universities, offering comfortable facilities, a generally friendly staff, and the opportunity to request a Russian or foreign roommate.

A couple stolls up stairs in a green Kievan park.  

Kiev, Ukraine.  >City Guide  >Campus Life
Also: Odessa, Ukraine; Batumi, Georgia; and Chisinau, Moldova.

Kiev is the capital and geographic center of Ukraine, a land that has historically had to balance relations between Russia and the West. Kiev is a political, economic, and cultural hub, but one that, in contrast to the Russian capital, feels quieter and more open in both its layout and in the attitudes of its people. In this green city rich with history, broad boulevards, and a diverse mix of people, NOVAMOVA offers lessons in Ukrainian and Russian language and culture, taught by young Ukrainians in new and well-equipped facilities!


Collegium Civitas 
Warsaw, Poland.  >City Guide (coming soon)   >Campus Life

Poland has a long history of being caught within conflicts. Its sizable Jewish population was decimated in WWII and its territory divided between European powers on multiple occasions. Today, however, the country is a success story. Jewish culture is thriving again. Poland's economy is rapidly developing thanks to international aid and investment. Poland has used its resurgence to become one of the EU's most vocal members on foreign policy and security issues. SRAS programs at Collegium Civitas focus on new media, security studies, and Jewish studies.

Russia's Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sergei Lavrov, speaks at MGIMO  

Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO)
Moscow, Russia.   >City Guide  >Campus Life

MGIMO is for advanced Russian speakers who want access to Russia's premier school for international relations, international law, and international economics as a visiting scholar. The visiting scholar program puts you alongside some of the best and brightest of Russia's future leaders while studying in Russian. The university itself is a project of Russia's Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It is a place not only to gain educational experience, but also to gain valuable professional contacts.

A native woman displays traditional handicraft in Khabarovsk  

Far Eastern State University of the Humanities (FSUH)
Khabarovsk, Russia.  >City Guide  >Campus Life 

Khabarovsk is for those advanced Russian speakers looking to explore the cultures of Russia's native peoples. Enrollment is available on a case-by-case basis for visiting scholars. Students from twenty different native groups regularly attend FSUH, meaning that the varied people and cultures you are studying literally surround you. While the city speaks almost no English, the people are known for being friendly and generally willing to share their cultures with people who are genuinely interested in experiencing them.

SRAS and GRINT students celebrate Maslenitsa!  

Liden & Denz Language Centres (L&D)
St. Petersburg & Moscow, Russia.

Typically catering to the business community, Liden & Denz is a private, Swiss-owned school that offers services that most Russian universities don't. These include assistance in finding an apartment, booking services for travel and cultural events (concerts, theaters, etc.), and free WiFi on campus. Liden & Denz is generally recommended for beginning Russian students looking for a short-term course with someone constantly on hand to help them through the city (and who are not as concerned about cost).

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