Travel Service Providers in the CIS
directory of independent companies 

The following travel service providers are independent of SRAS and we list them here only for your information. If you are interested in their services, please contact them directly via information listed on their sites.

Tour Operators

If you are interested in a more complex tour - particularly of the "adventure" variety, it can often be more cost-effective to join an organized tour. This is also helpful if you do not speak Russian! We have listed below companies regularly (not once or occasionally) organizing group tours to Russia. We welcome suggestions from our readers about other tour companies fitting this description.


Directory of Local Service Providers

These companies are based in Russia and provide on-the-ground services. We have listed them according to the city in which they are based or by specialization if this is more relevant. This page will be more extensive in the near future!

St. Petersburg

Peter's Walking Tours - inexpensive and interesting walking tours in St. Pete

parallel 60 travel agency and VB-Excursions (related company for walking tours)


Patriarchi Dom Tours - almost daily tours to a wide variety of sites


Raftour (rafting tours - site currently in Russian only)


Krasnov Travel Agency

Krasnoyarsk, Tuva, Khakasiya

Sayan Ring Travel Company


BaikalComplex - Irkutsk/Baikal plus all destinations along Trans-Sib

Great Baikal Trail - Local NGO does low-cost eco tours, helps with visas and provides other services.


Kamchatka Travel

Central Asia

Malika Hotels Group (Uzbekistan - American owned and very helpful)


Dersu Uzala (based in Moscow with tours in locations from Karelia to Chukotka)


Study Abroad
in Russia

Moscow State University is  Russia's largest.

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