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MTV Russia Top 5
snapshot from 10/31/2012

MTV Russia is just like MTV everywhere else - except that it plays some Russian stuff too. They also have a program called "Русская 10-тка" (Russian 10) devoted to the best Russian-language pop currently on the market. Once a month, SRAS provides a snapshot of what's at the top five of that chart, with YouTube videos and additional commentary taken from the Russian Popular Music page of our Library.

1. «Люби» - Дан Балан

Born in Moldova and currently living in New York, Dan is a singer, songwriter, and producer. Performing across a range of musical genres from an early age, in 1999 Dan played a pivotal role in establishing the eurodance trio O-Zone. He subsequently moved to Los Angeles to focus on his solo material, mostly focusing on eurodance and commercial pop music.

2. «Просто прощай» - A'Studio

A'Studio was created in Almaty (Kazakhstan), then called Alma-Ata. The name of the band was originally "Alma-Ata Studio" and later shortened to just "A-Studio." In 1989, the A'Studio song "Джулия" ("Julia") caught the attention of the legendary Russian singers Philipp Kirkorov and Alla Pugacheva. Pugacheva invited them to her annual "Christmas Meeting" in 1990 and introduced them as “the best band in the USSR” (which was still in existence at the time), launching the band to fame.

3. «Тебе в прикол» - Каста

Kasta is a group of young rappers originally from Rostov-na-Danu. Having developed a small, local following, they landed a place in the festival "Rap Music 99" and eventually were signed to Respect Productions by producer Arkadiya Slutskovskogo. In 2002, the group achieved super-stardom when "Горячее время"  was featured on the big-budget Russian action flick AntiKiller. The next year they were nominated "Best Russian Band" at the MTV Europe Music Awards.

4. «Воспоминание» - Нюша

The daughter of a musician, Nyusha says she always knew that she would dedicate her life to music. She first entered a recording studio at 5, wrote her first song - in English! - at 8, and in Russian – at 12 years old. At 17 Nyusha became a finalist of "СТС зажигает суперзвезду" project (a Russian version of American Idol). The following year she gained popularity with and awards for her first single "Вою на луну" (Howling at the Moon). Her second single "Не перебивай" (Do Not Interrupt) put her in the top positions of music charts, and the newest hit "Выбирать чудо" (To Choose a Miracle) became a title song for her first album that came out in late 2010.

5.  «Где я» - Макс Корж

Макс Корж – born in Minsk, Belarus, he started his music career with hip-hop and opposition rap as a way to express his dissatisfaction with political situation in that country at the time. Eventually, he states, he tired of “being negative” and longed for something “more peaceful.” According to Max, he created his own music style, using hip-hop as a foundation to express simple thoughts and emotions familiar to many people. He quickly became very popular in Belarus and is now rising on Russian charts.  



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