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MTV Russia Top 5
snapshot from 08/31/2011

MTV Russia is just like MTV everywhere else - except that it plays some Russian stuff too. They also have a program called "Русская 10-тка" (Russian 10) devoted to the best Russian-language pop currently on the market. Once a month, SRAS provides a snapshot of what's at the top five of that chart, with YouTube videos and additional commentary taken from the Russian Popular Music page of our Library.

1. «Больно» - Нюша

The daughter of a musician, Nyusha says she always knew that she would dedicate her life to music. She first entered a recording studio at 5, wrote her first song - in English! - at 8, and in Russian – at 12 years old. At 17 Nyusha became a finalist of "СТС зажигает суперзвезду" project (a Russian version of American Idol). The following year she gained popularity with and awards for her first single "Вою на луну" (Howling at the Moon). Her second single "Не перебивай" (Do Not Interrupt) put her in the top positions of music charts, and the newest hit "Выбирать чудо" (To Choose a Miracle) became a title song for her first album that came out in late 2010.


2.  «Это прёт» - Каста

Kasta is a group of young rappers originally from Rostov-na-Donu. Having developed a small, local following, they landed a place in the festival "Rap Music 99" and eventually were signed to Respect Productions by producer Arkadiya Slutskovskogo. In 2002, the group achieved super-stardom when "Горячее время"  was featured on the big-budget Russian action flick AntiKiller. The next year they were nominated "Best Russian Band" at the MTV Europe Music Awards.

3.  «Белый пляж» - Иракли и Бьянка, feat. Party People

Irakli Pirtskhalava was born in Moscow to a Georgian family. While he dreamed of playing soccer, his mother insisted that he go to music school. At 13, he left music and played soccer for two years but realized that he was already too old to develop a career in soccer and turned back to music. He recorded his first song in professional studio at 16 and got deeply interested in hip-hop and dance music. He played in several bands eventually became a famous DJ and, later, a successful solo artist.

4. «Китано» - Банд'Эрос

Band'Eros is a high-energy pop/hip-hop group which formed in Moscow in 2005. Despite the group's name and previous hits such as "Boom Senorita," Band'eros doesn’t do any singing in Spanish, although they sometimes inject Latin-style beats into their songs. The name is ironic, calling to mind both the Spanish outlaws, and calling themselves essentially a band of lovers after Eros, the Greek god of love. The group does seem to take some of its influence from American music and often scatters American pop-culture references into its songs, as evidenced by their hit "Columbia Pictures Ne Predstavlyait" ("Columbia Pictures Doesn't Present") which, among other things, references Hollywood, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Beverly Hills while members of the group are dressed up like Superman and Marilyn Monroe in its music video. It's also the title track off of their debut album which has gone platinum by selling over 200,000 copies.

5. «Можно без слов» -  DJ Smash   

Real name Andrei Shirman, DJ Smash spent his childhood years in the recording studio watching his father, who was a professional musician. He claims to have gotten his stage name from opening a Russian-English dictionary and picking random words until he found something he liked. By remixing retro 80s hits with a techno-house flavor, DJ Smash has created his own style of dance music he calls "retrohouse." 



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