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MTV Russia Top 5
snapshot from 04/30/2012

MTV Russia is just like MTV everywhere else - except that it plays some Russian stuff too. They also have a program called "Русская 10-тка" (Russian 10) devoted to the best Russian-language pop currently on the market. Once a month, SRAS provides a snapshot of what's at the top five of that chart, with YouTube videos and additional commentary taken from the Russian Popular Music page of our Library.

1. «Мама, мы все стареем» - Павел Воля, Город 312

Pavel Volya entered into show business in 2001, although it would be another five years before he would be considering a singing career. He started off as a DJ for the Russian radio station Hit-FM and was also a VJ on the Russian music channel Muz-TV. In 2003, he became a regular on the TV sketch-comedy show "Comedy Club" and expanded his acting career with a few small roles in movies, most recently in the comedy "Love in the Big City 2." He began writing songs in 2006 and his first album was released in 2007. The album’s producers initially claimed that many of his songs were not polished enough for mainstream release, but Pavel convinced them to release it without the significant changes they were proposing, and it turned out to be a success.

2. «Мама» - IOWA

I.O.W.A. - (Idiots Out Wandering About) - This group from Belarus wandered into the musical world in 2009. After series of very successful concerts in Saint-Petersburg, they decided to move their band to Russia (Saint-Petersburg) and since then have continued gaining popularity with their concerts and music videos and a unique style that mixes jazz, pop, and R&B.

3. «Сочиняй мечты» - Влади, Каста и Уля

Vladi - short for Vladislav Leshkevitch, one of the members of Kasta. Kasta is a group of young rappers originally from Rostov-na-Donu. Having developed a small, local following, they landed a place in the festival "Rap Music 99" and eventually were signed to Respect Productions by producer Arkadiya Slutskovskogo. In 2002, the group achieved super-stardom when "Горячее время"  was featured on the big-budget Russian action flick AntiKiller. The next year they were nominated "Best Russian Band" at the MTV Europe Music Awards.

4.  «Бросай» - Ёлка

 Elka is Russian for “Christmas tree.” It is also the stage name of Ukraine soloist Elizaveta Ivantsiv. Born to a family of musicians, she started singing when she joined a school choir. Her musical career began in school, when she joined the local KVN team. KVN is a sprawling competitive comedy league spanning much of the former Soviet Union. After participating in many bands over the years, both in Ukraine and Russia, and experimenting with many musical styles, from alternative rock and “heavy guitar R&B” (her own descrtiption), to reggae and pop-music, she has released many albums and received several Russian music awards.

5.  «Девушки» - Би-2

Originally formed in Minsk, Belorussia in 1985, Bi-2 went through various incarnations before subduing all Russia with their aggressive rock arrangements and often epic, often romantic lyrics and vocals. The lead singer has developed an image and reputation as "the hero of maiden dreams," (romantic, heroic, but often sad). The above hit was featured as the theme song to a television show of the same name (Russia's answer to "Survivor").



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