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THE LIBRARY is meant to give students studying any topic related to Russia or the FSU broad perspectives on specific subjects by providing annotated, organized links to the Internet's best resources on these subjects. For many "Library Entries," links to government and official entities affecting the subject in question, as well as links to related news, watch dog groups, and other sites that give a more complete understanding. Other entries focus on less volatile issues such as language and popular culture.

THE LIBRARY is not meant to be exhaustive. Some information may be left out simply because it does not have an accessible web page built around it (or at least not one that we have found yet). Students are encouraged to use this resource as a starting ground for gathering information or ideas and to pursue their research further online and in their local libraries. 

THE LIBRARY currently offers 17 subject entries, 2 focus entries (with three or more subject entries attached), each indexed with a clickable tables of contents, and color-coded links to indicate if the site linked to is in Russian or English. We are also trying to make the pages more visually oriented so that searching is slightly faster and less tiring. The project, after much development more than two year, has still only just begun and will continue to be developed in the future.

THE LIBRARY is best viewed with Microsoft Internet Explorer. It was last audited for dead links in August of 2007.

THE LIBRARY LOGO features, from right to left, the Russian State Library named after V.I. Lenin (with a statue of author Dostoevsky prominantly displayed outside the main entrence), a Russian flag, a row of antique books, and the Library of Mosocw State University.


Trouble with THE LIBRARY?  Many of our links are to Russian-only sites (indicated with red links as opposed to gray, which lead to English langauge sites). Unfortunately, there are several different computer formats used to encode Russian's Cyrilic text. If you are having trouble reading this text on your computer, right-click anywhere on the screen and chose "encoding." Change the encoding to "Cyrillic Windows." If this doesn’t work, try the other Cyrillic options.

If, for some reason, you do not have Cyrilic options, or are having trouble with your new Russian keyboard, visit the AATSEEL page for "Cyrillicizing" your computer! 

If you find dead or obsolete links, or have links you think should be included in this resource, please contact the project's primary author, Josh Wilson, Asst. Director of SRAS, by email.

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