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  SRAS student Corrine Hughes makes some local friends
while abroad in Eurasia.

SRAS specializes in innovative study abroad programs in Eurasia. All programs are geared to be eligible for US college credit. Basing our programs in Eurasia allows us to take advantage of both the region's strong educational and cultural opportunities and low costs of living.

Why should you study abroad? Study abroad has been shown to both boost employability as well as improve cognitive skills, creativity, and academic performance. This is achieved by challenging students to live within a culture unlike their own, to interact with people who think and live differently, and to learn to thrive independently despite the challenges this presents.

Eurasia offers highly unique experiences in geopolitically, historically, and culturally interesting locations. Thus, students can build their resumes and personal skills rapidly and within student budgets. This is why SRAS has been successfully sending students abroad to Eurasia for over 20 years.

SRAS programs are open to undergraduates, graduate students, professionals, and gap year students. One need not be currently enrolled in a university program to attend SRAS programs. Previous language study is not needed for most programs. More information. More programs (fall and spring semesters).

- SRAS Summer Program Lineup -
See individual program page for application deadline
Deadlines start in March, 2018

Georgian Foodways

Explore issues like climate change and food security, the place of food in social justice and ethnic identity, and the role of Georgian foodways in the current global tourism economy. This program includes extensive travel throughout beautiful Georgia, housing in guest houses, homestays, and hostels, and most meals.

Earn credits toward anthropology, food studies, geography

Available: Summer
Security and Society

This wide-ranging course allows students to choose from courses in security studies, cybersecurity, Jewish studies, new media, criminal justice, and more. Note that this link will take you to a new site dedicated to this program.

Earn credits toward security studies, cybersecurity, criminal justice, identity and gender studies, Jewish studies, environmental studies, international relations, media studies, business, internships, Polish language

Available: Fall, Spring, Year, Summer
The Art and Science of Museums

An excursion-based three-week program. Understand how St. Petersburg's best museums collect, display, preserve, and restore their famed collections. Tour art, history, and house museums as well as restoration and storage facilities.

Earn credits toward museum studies, art history, history

Available: Summer
Literature in St. Petersburg
Upper Intermediate and Above

Students will read, analyze, research, and discuss Russian literature in Russian. To support this, this course will be taught as an integrated part of an intensive program of Russian as a Second Language.

Available: Summer
Tajik Intensive
All levels

This program combines intensive language training and peer tutoring in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan with a week-long guided language immersion experience in Tajikistan.

Available: Summer

Gain professional experience in translation or journalism or in NGOs, think tanks, museums, businesses, theatres, and more. All programs combined with language study!

Available: Fall, Spring, Year, Custom & Short Term, Summer
Central Asian Studies

Focus on anthropology and/or linguistics. Courses on regional history and hands-on learning of the countries and cultures. Extensive cultural program included. Summer programs include a week-long horse trek into the mountains for an up close view of nomadic life.

Earn credits toward international relations, history, regional studies, Russian (or other Central Asian) language, anthropology, linguistics

Available: Fall, Spring, Year, Summer
Russia and the Environment

Where environmental, economic, and demographic problems converge. Study history and governmental policies surrounding the problems. Combine academic courses with an environmental internship or service learning for a broad understanding of the region.

Earn credits toward environmental studies, policy, regional studies, Russian language

Available: Fall, Spring, Year, Summer
The Cuba-Russia Connection

The Cuba-Russia Connection explores issues of cultural diplomacy and influence in Havana, Cuba and St. Petersburg, Russia, whose cultural production in the areas of music, literature, and art has extended beyond the two countries' boundaries.

Earn credits toward international relations, diplomacy, history

Available: Summer
Russian as a Second Language (RSL)

Twenty hours per week of Russian language training. Individualized Russian tutoring and intensive Russian also available in most locations.

Available: Fall, Spring, Year, Custom & Short Term, Summer
Funding: SRAS Challenge Grants

Students who can meet the challenge are rewarded with grant funding. SRAS Challenge Grants can be combined to boost your award as far as you think you can take it.

Available: Fall, Spring, Year, Summer
Custom Programs and Research Travel

SRAS's years of experience in travel, research, and education are at your disposal to achieve your individual goals. Let us help you arrange the classes, visas, accommodation, or archive access you need.

Available: Fall, Spring, Year, Custom & Short Term, Summer

SRAS programs are also available for Fall and Spring Semesters! Click here.

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