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Summer Programs Abroad - 2018

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Diplomacy and International Relations at MGIMO
Courses in English or Russian with Eurasia's Future Leaders

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This extraordinary program at Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO) is designed for upperclassmen interested in international relations, diplomacy, and/or economics. Study alongside Russia's future political and business leaders at Eurasia's leading institution for international studies. Enjoy an extensive selection of fascinating courses in Russian and/or English and regular opportunities to attend talks given by visiting diplomats, politicians, religious leaders, and other experts - and gain valuable insights into Russia's foreign policy.

Courses in Russian are taken with primarily native-Russian-speaking students. Courses taken in English will be with a mix of international and Russian students. In either case, you will be taking courses that are part of B.A. or M.A. degree programs at MGIMO. Your Russian language level will determine the optimal mix of these courses and whether you should add intensive language study to your schedule.

This program is enhanced by a focused professional and cultural program. Due to the intensity of study, we include this intensive program during the orientation period, before classes start. Then, throughout the semester we schedule professional discussions and field trips to organizations focused on various aspects of Russia's international relations and foreign policy.


- Dates and Costs -
(Dates listed are approximate class dates.
Arrival dates will generally be 1-2 weeks earlier)

Standard: $9 950*
     Fall: Sept 5 - Dec 18, 2018  (Apply by May 15, 2018)
     Spring: Feb 7 - May 28, 2018  (Apply by Oct 15, 2017)

With Russian Language: $14 995*
     Fall: Sept 5 - Dec 18, 2018  (Apply by May 15, 2018)
     Spring: Feb 7 - May 28, 2018  (Apply by Oct 15, 2017)

Summer: N/A Check our program guide for other options.


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- Curriculum - 

Full-time study is considered 30 ECTS (15 US semester credits). A single course is 2-4 ECTS. The following list of courses is indicative of a standard semester offerings. As this list varies somewhat semester to semester, contact us for the list of courses planned for the upcoming semester. 

Cultural Lab
Students will take advantage of Moscow's wide cultural opportunities with an included cultural lab. Events are focused not only on Russian culture, but understanding Eurasia as an integrated whole. A tour of the Kremlin, Cathedral Mosque, a trip to St. Petersburg, as well as ethnic welcome and farewell dinners will be included, among many other events. 

Professional Lab
Students will also take advantage of Moscow's many intellectual opportunities with visits to NGOs, think tanks, archives, and related events. A walking seminar introduction to modern Russia and an overview of Russian politics will also be included early in the program. Visits in the past have included Memorial, Carnegie Moscow Center, PIR Center, Human Rights Watch, and others - but are dependent on scheduling.

Courses Available in Russian
Courses taught in Russian are far more numerous and change more often than those taught in English. For a current list of these courses, please contact us.

Courses Available in English:

  100-Level Courses
Russian History 2
 2. World History 2
 3. Theory of International Relations 2
 4. Mathematical Methods (Calculus for International Relations Specialists and Quantitative Methods in Economics) 2
Introduction to Marketing 2
 6. State Law of the Russian Federation 3
 7. Introduction to Political Science 2
 8. Economic Theory (Macroeconomics) 2
 9. Russian Language: speech etiquette 2
  200-Level Courses  ECTS
1. Comparative Civil Law 2
2. Russian Economy 3
3. History of International Relations 3
4. Game-Theoretical Analysis of International Relations 4
5. Ethnic Politics in Russia
6. Administrative Law
7. Contemporary Russian Politics 4
8. Migration
9. History, Theory and Practice of Diplomacy
10. Accounting 3
11. Global Economic and Social Development
12. Russian Language: speech etiquette 2
13. Academic Writing (in Russian) 2
  300-Level Courses  ECTS
1. State and Business Protocol 3
2. Contemporary Global Issues 4
3. International Finance 3
4. PR Strategies 4
5. Applied Sociological Analysis
6. Human Resource Management
7. Resource Factor in World Politics and Economy 4
8. Russia-EU Relations
9. Russian Foreign Policy 4
10. Introduction to International Security
11. Russian Language: speech etiquette 2
  400-Level Courses  ECTS
1. Terrorism and Asymmetric Warfare 2
2. Russia in Global Politics 3
3. Public-Private Partnership 2
4. Security Issues in International Law 2
5. Finance Law 4
6. Critical Geopolitics
7. Russian Language: speech etiquette 2
  MA-Level Courses
Global Dimension of Organized Crime
 2. World Economic and Social Development 3
 3. Exceptionalism and Messianism: US-Russian Relations
 4. Strategic Alanysis
Mediapolitics and Power in the Digital Era 3
 6. Energy Diplomacy
 7. Rhetoric and Art of Reasoning in Public Speeches 3
 8. Legal Framework of the Russian Federation
 9. Russia-East Asia Contemporary Trends, Factors and Economic Strategies 3


Optional Language Courses
(Adding language courses changes
the pricing category for this program - see above)

LAN 101-200 Russian Language
Russian grammar and vocabulary with speaking, reading, and listening practice. Class size is small (3-8 students).
9 credits. Prerequisites: none

LAN 301-400 Russian Language
Russian grammar and vocabulary with speaking, reading, and listening practice. Higher level courses will have more opportunity to focus on specific vocabularly and professional language. Class size is small (3-8 students).
6 credits. Prerequisites: none


Apply Now!
 Contact us for more information on this program!

Contact SRAS about late submissions. 

*Cost Includes: tuition for study as outlined, dorm stay, visa and registration, pre-departure materials, local orientation, admission to all included venues,  health and accident insurance, arrival transfer from airport, SRAS in-country support, and use of a mobile telephone for the duration of the program. The dates/costs posted are for a 4-month semester. The Russian academic calendar extends into a 5th month, which can be added optionally (at additional cost). Contact us for more information.

Prerequisites: Minimum GPA of 2.5 overall and 3.0 in major courses. No prior knowledge of Russian required.

About the Classes: All courses are part of regular degree requirements at MGIMO, including those in English. Students in those courses conducted in Russian are primarily Russian students and students from the near abroad (post-Soviet space). Courses taught in English will be majority foreign students, particular European, but also some Russians. Russian language instruction is conducted in small groups by level, which is determined after arrival.

Credit Transfer and Transcripts: How many credits your home university may award depends entirely on your home university. SRAS recommends discussing this with your advisor and SRAS before you apply. Students planning on applying for credit transfer must read our FAQ page for more info. The program is hosted by Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO). Transcripts may be requested (click for details) and are issued by the host university.


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