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The SRAS Newsletter
A Resource for Students, Educators, and Anyone Curious about Eurasia
Apply for Summer, 2016 by October 31, 2015!

  Georgian-Foodways-Nov-2017 Georgian mchadi (corn bread) served with various traditional accompaniments. Georgian Foodways will study national identity, cultural diplomacy, and more this summer in a travel-seminar to Georgia!

Добро пожаловать!

The biggest change affecting study abroad to SRAS locations since our last report is the growing interest in professor-led programs. A cost effective way to boost study abroad numbers, professor-led programs often fit easily into student schedules and can streamline academic oversight and ameliorate safety concerns. SRAS is expanding its long-standing services for professor-led programs, using our contacts and experience to work out logistics and programming in locations ranging from Berlin to Vladivostok and including Central Asia and the Caucuses. These extraordinary locations offer students exciting opportunities to study anything from language to arts to science and politics.

Interest in security studies, including cybersecurity, information warfare, and resource security has also grown recently with world events highlighting their importance. SRAS is expanding its individual programs with Security and Society to help students understand these topics. Based in Poland, a leader in European security, this innovative program also covers domestic issues related to maintaining secure societies such as effective criminology and justice systems, Jewish Studies (particularly in the context of tolerance of minorities) and even urban planning and architecture.

Safety concerns on the ground remain much as we have reported previously. While there is always reason to remain vigilant when abroad, all SRAS locations, including Russia and Ukraine, remain safe. All SRAS programs are hundreds of miles from any fighting and the political situation remains stable. Anti-Americanism, although widely reported in the media, is still pointed at the actions of the American government, not at individual Americans. We are always available to answer any questions from students, parents, educators, or administrators on any issue affecting our programs.


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Study Abroad
in Eurasia!

Internship in Russia
Study Abroad
in Eurasia!

Study Abroad
in Poland!


 – Study Abroad –

The Year in Review; The Year Ahead
SRAS has expanded its geographic footprint from Berlin to Vladivostok, continues to develop faculty-led program options, and added new security studies courses.

Faculty-Led Programs
This is an introduction to how to overcome the challenges and make the most of the opportunities of the fast-growing field of faculty-led programs.

SRAS Program to be Held Parallel to NATO Summit
The Polish Ministry of Defense will assist in getting the students access to the summit while our instructors will theme some courses using NATO debate structures.

Say Hello at ASEEES in Philadelphia
SRAS will have a table in the exhibit hall, and Renee Stillings, SRAS Director and Josh Wilson, Assistant Director will be attending.

Destination: Kyrgyzstan
SRAS Director, Renee Stillings, shares her thoughts after a short visit to our programs in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan and the Kyrgyz countryside.

Weekend Trip to Tallinn
SRAS Student Allie Sasek ventured to Estonia while on her study abroad program in St. Petersburg. Here, she lets you know how you can too!

SRAS Announces New Posters!
Why Do More US Women Study Abroad than Men?

Multilingualism Is a National Asset, Not a Personal Shame
The Surprising Effects of Study Abroad
Why Study Abroad is Critical for Engineering Students

– Selected Programs –

Home and Abroad Scholarships - Expanded!
These scholarships now offer $5000 - 10,000 in a more flexible program offering more locations and more subjects. Now available in Moscow!

Security and Society
Study cybersecurity, the effects of information warfare, new media's role in modern democracy, Jewish studies, urban planning, criminal justice, and much more in Warsaw, Poland!

Central Asian Studies
Visit Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and Turkmenistan while taking courses to understand this diverse and geopolitically important region.

Russian as a Second Language
Intensive Russian courses for all levels in locations across Russia and Eurasia.

Siberian Studies
Head to Lake Baikal and Irkutsk to study history, the Russian language, and environmental science!

Russian Studies Abroad
Gain specific insight into political economy and business, Russian politics or culture, or many other subjects from the vantage of St. Petersburg or Moscow.

View ALL 12 Spring Semester Programs!
Funding for Study in Russia and Eurasia
Braver Grants
Service Learning Grants


– Selected Resources –

Students Abroad
Our current students share food reviews, cultural experiences, and other thoughts to help future students make the most of study abroad.

SRAS For Educators
A resource for educators looking to maximize their enrolment numbers through innovative practices.

SRAS Guides
These extensive guides cover how to prepare for a journey abroad and how to live for several months in SRAS locations abroad.

SRAS on Facebook
We post contests, links to free (legal) full-length foreign-language movies, the latest in pop-culture from abroad, and more.

Eurasian Cookbook
This cookbook also delivers lessons in culture and language! We've just added new recipes for foods from Central Asia.

SRAS Newsletter (A free publication with language lessons, history, news, and more).
Art in Russia  (SRAS students write about art)
SRAS on YouTube

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