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SRAS Student Interviews Database
- Students discussing their experiences in Russia-

The following annotated database is provided to help you choose your program and location, as well as to better acquaint yourself with your options for education, educational funding, and the opportunites that study abroad can offer you now and for your future.

If you would like to contact former students who have participated in a program you are considering, contact us and we will supply you with contact information from students who have volunteered to answer questions.


  Tabitha eating wild Russian berries beneath one of the telescopes she used.
    Tabitha Smith eating wild berries beneath one of the telescopes that she used while in Russia. The wires stretching above her head are actually part of a large radio telescope.

* scholarships, grants and/or student employment
+ homestay experiences
# independent research (such as for a thesis) 



Julia Vail - MGU, RSA + Internship (added 04.08.09) 
Topics: volunteerism, journalism

*Faith Seim - MGU, RSL (added 09.12.2008)
Topics: Perfomance art in Russia, Russian film, entering Russian university

Kimberly O'Haver - MGU, Russian Civilization Summer (added 03.03.2007)
Topics: international politics, Turkmenistan, working in Russia, marrying a Russian

Andrea Neulaendtner - MGU, RSL + Internship (added 15.05.2006)
Topics: international politics, finance, envrionment, TORFL

*#Emy Wangborg - MGIMO, "Block" program  (added 23.01.2006)
Topics:  UN, politics, volunteerism, professors, concerts, making Russian friends

*+Christine Nakahara MGU,  RSL + Direct Enrollment  (added 27.04.2005)
Topics:  Business, music, finding an apt in Moscow, business courses at MGU, law firms

   Faith Seim used an academic year abroad to prepare for and apply to VGIK in Russia.
    Faith Seim used an academic year abroad to prepare for and apply to Russia's premier film institute.

#Brian Horne - MGU, Direct Enrollment, language (added 28.03.2005)
Topics: Anthropology, “avtorskaya pecnya,” funding, Russian profs, dorm life, research in Russia

*#Mark LanningMGU, Direct Enrollment, Visiting Scholar (added 17.02.2005)
Topics: internships, government work, politics, business, visiting scholar program, Tashkent, travel

Brian CarlsonMGIMO - Direct Enrollment, MGIMO Special Program (added 25.01.2005)
Topics: international relations, journalism, Russian professors, Russian elections observation

Seth BridgeMGIMO, Direct Enrollment, MGIMO Special Program (added 25.01.2005)
Topics: law degrees, government work, Russian professors, dorm life

Marshelle MachtanMGU, RSL (added 21.12.2004)
Topics: Ukraine, Peace Corp, travel, dorm life, politics, Orange Revolution, government work

St. Petersburg 

Jess Revit - St. Petersburg, RSL (added 25.12.2010)
Topics: sports, hockey, food, importing to Russia

*#Tabitha Smith - St. Petersburg and Pushchino, RSL (added 22.09.09) 
Topics: science, space.

  Julia Vail interned with the Moscow Times in Russia as part of her study abroad program through SRAS.
    Julia Vail interned with the Moscow Times in Russia as part of her study abroad program through SRAS.

*Devin Connolly - RSL (added 14.11.08)
Topics: Central Asia, tourism industry, Russo-Georgian War

Mike Smith - RSL+ Internship (added 23.01.06)
Topics: Software outsourcing, business in Russia, translation

Mellisa Tyson - Arts Program, Hermitage  (added 23.01.06)
Topics:  art, architecture, jewelry, travel

Kathryn Howard - Arts Program, Hermitage  (added 24.01.06)
Topics: art, architecture, personal release through contact with a foreign culture

Becky Bavinger - SPGU, RSL + Internship  (added 23.08.2005)
Topics: volunteerism/activism, social issues, orphanages, cultural program, politics, NGOs

Morgyn ChandlerSPGU, RSL (added 17.02.2005)
Topics:  Foreign service, law degrees, dorm life, SRAS cultural package, culture shock

Amy Brady - SPGU, RSL + Internship (added 09.02.2005)
Topics:  interpreting, government work, arranging your own housing

+Monica Belz - SPGU, RSL (added 09.12.2004)
Topics: travel, Russian holidays, international law

Other Cities

   Devin Connolly leads tours of Central Asia with MIR Corp.
    Devin Connolly leads tours in Central Asia with MIR Corp.

Shoshana Bella Billik - Irkutsk, Siberian Studies (28.01.2011)
Topics: NASA, employment, civil society, Internet

Terah Yaroch - Irkutsk, RSL (added 22.08.2007)
Topics: Working at the UN, travel around Irkusk, NGO work

Jean-Marc RoumayatRostov, RSL  (added 09.06.2005)
Topics:  civil service, non-American students with SRAS, dorm life, cultural program

Jean-Marc Roumayat - Irkutsk, RSL (added 09.02.2005)
Topics:  civil service, business, cultural program

#Holly McMurtryNizhny Novgorod, RSL (added 27.10.2004)
Topics: home stay, art history


More! Personal websites and blogs:

Stetson University (several students) - Moscow, Russian Studies Semester (multiple years)

Rikki - St. Petersburg, RSL w/ Internship (2010-2011)

Paul - Moscow, Russian Studies Semester (2010)

Tiffany - Moscow, RSL w/ Internship (2007)

#Steven - Moscow, RSL (2006)

#Ben - Yaroslavl', RSL (2005)

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