Stop Russian!
A Public Service Campaign from SRAS
Download and print the storyboard!

The School of Russian and Asian Studies (SRAS) has launched a tongue-in-cheek public service campaign to "Stop Russian." The storyboard version of the campaign can be seen below. Larger (and sometimes slightly different) versions of each frame can be seen on SRAS's Facebook account. A printable version of the storyboard can be downloaded in a high-quality pdf file (1 MB) that can be printed from any color printer (make sure your margins are set to ½ inch). Post in your classroom, office, dorm room, favorite coffee shop, or to canvas your entire university! We encourage readers to print and disseminate this valuable information – before one more college student falls victim to a passion for Russian!

For those that have already fallen victim, make sure they know that deadlines to apply for fall programs abroad are coming up very soon! Browse our innovative study abroad programs and internships (in subjects from culture to science and locations across Eurasia). Apply today!


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