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Language Partnership

The Year in Review

The following was originally published on the SPBGIKIT site on December 24, 2017. SRAS has translated the text below with permission. Pictures originally from SPBGIKIT as well. The original article can be seen here.

Note that these opportunities are open to all SRAS students who choose programs in St. Petersburg!

Fall, 2017 SRAS students who participated in the exchanges.

In fall, 2017, SPBGIKIT students began an active language partnership program with US students, in cooperation with the Department of Foreign Languages ​​and The School of Russian and Asian Studies. As we enter a new year, we present what our joint events have accomplished and share some impressions from the participants.

Inessa Mudrova, second year student at SPBGIKIT:

At the beginning of this academic year, my English teacher - Ekaterina Evgenievna Maksimova - told me about a language exchange program with students from America. I was in America once and my dream is to learn English and go back there again, so I thought it was a great opportunity for me. I am very glad that our teachers tell us about such events, they are interested in doing their work qualitatively and that we really learned English.

  Inessa Mudrova, SPBGIKIT, and Zach Wall, University of Montana, made great language learning partners.

My language partner was Zack. I really liked talking with him about modern topics like politics and education. We talked about music, about the apps we use, and about our hobbies. On almost every topic, we found we had different views. Accordingly, this meant that we could talk at length about these things, building our language skills. Since Zak is studying Russian, and I'm English, our meetings had to be beneficial to both of us, so we came up with our own system of communication. We would talk for half an hour in Russian, and then switch to half an hour in English. We openly communicated, quietly corrected each other's mistakes, taught each other how to correctly pronounce words and say expressions.

For sure, many will be interested to know exactly what Zak thinks about Russia, so I asked him to share his impressions. The entire text of the message, which I quote below, Zak himself wrote in Russian, so his spelling and punctuation are preserved:

«Россия - очень интересная страна, где живут разнообразные люди. Когда я приехал в Россию, у меня не были ожиданий. После того я жил здесь 4 месяца, я ещё не совершенно понимаю эту сложную страну. В городах можно видеть очень обширную историю и культуру. Природа в России - суровая, но очень красивая. Я думал что русские люди не были бы добрые, но все которые я встретил - очень симпатичные. Я очень люблю русский язык, русскую культуру, и Россию в общем!»

(English Translation: "Russia is a very interesting country where diverse people live. When I came to Russia, I had no expectations. After that, I lived here for 4 months. I still do not quite understand this complex country. In cities you can see a very extensive history and culture. Nature in Russia is harsh, but very beautiful. I thought that the Russian people would not be kind, but everyone I met is very nice. I really love the Russian language, Russian culture, and Russia in general!")

I noticed how his level of Russian language grew in just six months. It's no secret that it's best to learn a language in its native environment. An interesting fact: Zak's favorite words in Russian are "кукуруза" and "баклажан" ("corn" and "eggplant.") My favorite English words are "exactly" and "spectacular."

I advise everyone to attend these events. Not only can you practice your language, you also get a unique opportunity to find a new friend!

SRAS, RTA, and SPBGIKIT work together on a project.

Ekaterina Maksimova, Associate Professor of the Department of Foreign Languages ​​at SPBGIKIT:

SBA-Side-Bar This fall, we made our language exchanges popular with SPBGIKIT students by organizing and participating in several creative meetings in game format such as Speed Dating and Mafia, etc.

Especially memorable was the round table, prepared jointly with the Russian Customs Academy (RTA), wherein we played a business game called "Pitching Film Projects." The students were divided into four mixed teams, each with a participant from the RTA, SPBGIKIT and an American. The teams had to develop a synopsis of the film and then pitch the project, but the task was complicated not only by language difficulties, but also by the fact that the protagonist of the film as well as the setting and genre were given at random to the participants. Supervising each team were future producers - first-year students of the television department; they had to show leadership skills, teamwork skills, demonstrate confident English and oratorical skills to win their project. US students also quickly joined the game and even wrote logline scripts (one-two sentence synopses of the film) for their teams in Russian.

In conclusion, I want to note, it's really great that our students of all language proficiencies have a desire to improve their foreign language skills, that they are open to dialogue and ready to break both language barriers and stereotypes. The group of US (SRAS) students with whom we worked with for the whole semester, unfortunately, will now leave Russia, but we sincerely hope that our new friends will take home only good impressions about our country; we tried very hard to make it so. And we look forward to meeting new friends arriving in the spring, and have great plans that we are excitedly looking forward to sharing!!!

SRAS, RTA, and SPBGIKIT work together on a project.

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