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SRAS Has Updated Posters!
Programs Poster Coming Soon to a Russian Professor Near You!

SRAS is pleased to announce the publication of an updated program poster.

  AllPrograms_RevAug2014_e An excerpt from our full program lineup, now available as a double-sided 11x17" poster.

Our "All Programs" poster (pdf, 600kb) highlights the range of subjects you can explore in locations across Russia, Ukraine, and Kyrgyzstan. It is, essentially, our program search engine in print form which can be posted in your department, Russian club, or classroom. One side of the poster covers our many programs for those interested in politics, international relations, and conflict resolution. The other side lists all programs focused on literature, environmental science, art, internships, and more! 

SRAS also offers two other posters that may be of interest to you. Both were published last year - but remain largely up-to-date.

The first, "Why Russia," (pdf, 350kb), contains a number of thought-provoking facts and visually striking photos to convince readers that the Russian language and study abroad can open doors to intriguing opportunities. We've updated the facts offered and renewed the quotes from professionals on the practicality of learning Russian.

The second, "Funding for Study Abroad," lists many opportunities for funding study abroad to Russia, Ukraine, and Kyrgyzstan.

All posters cover a massive amount of information and are thus on large, 11x17" paper

Also see "Russia: The Biggest Country You Never Knew," (pdf, 1.2 mb) a booklet detailing why students should study Russian and how they can do it through SRAS. Please refer, however, to our website for a updated program information. The booklet features twelve full-color pages with striking high-resolution photography (mostly contributed by our students!), surprising facts about Russia and the Russian language, and of course information about our innovative study abroad programs, internships, and funding opportunities.

You can also still download our brochure on faculty-led programs (pdf, 350kb). Lead your students to Russia while letting SRAS provide on-the-ground support in Russia, develop a unique, fun, and educational itinerary, and even help you market the idea to students!

Make sure to check out our "Stop Russian" campaign as well - our tongue-in-cheek public service announcement that went viral online. You can still download and print the storyboard version (which prints on regular paper) to help prevent from falling victim to a passion for Russian!

Download these and print them yourselves, or contact us for free copies! We will accommodate as many Russian departments, clubs, and faculty members as possible!


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