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SRAS Photo Contest
Gets Social Media and Prize Upgrades

29964744450_8c0f955e5b_k SRAS has long held an annual photo contest from among its students. From the winners, we make a calendar, published and distributed for free to Russian departments in the US and Canada and to SRAS partners across the globe.

Today, we are trying to make that contest a little better.

For our 2018 calendar, we will post submissions on social media and open voting to the general public. Likes, comments, and shares will be used to award prizes.

First place will be $250 or a transferable $500 scholarship.

Second place will be $100 or a transferable $300 scholarship.

Third place will be $50 or a transferable $200 scholarship.

First, second, and third places will be assured publication in the calendar.

***The scholarships may be used by the student at any time in the next two years for any regular SRAS program. It may also be given to any other student studying at the same institution (or alma mater) as the awardee or, if the Russian or other department at the insitution agrees, to a department for later dispersal to a student to study on a regular SRAS study abroad program.

***Note that all finalist photos must be of publishable quality (at least over 200dpi). This generally means that the file will be fairly large. Such photos are often a megabite or more.


Contest Deadline: October 01, 2017

Submit your pictures to Josh Wilson (SRAS Assistant Director) by email.


Keep in mind: Most important in this calendar has always been choosing pictures that tell the best stories about what our students learn while abroad. We are not especially interested in postcards showing famous places – the internet is full of that. We want to know what you saw and learned abroad (and if a famous place is part of that, that's cool too. :))

We hope that this will help spread the wonderful narratives and images that we have been collecting even further. We also hope that it might encourage more students to study abroad or to study abroad again by creating additional, transferable scholarships. Lastly, we think this sounds like a lot of fun!

All SRAS students, former and current, are eligible: This contest is, and has always been, open to any student who has been or is on an SRAS program. This includes SRAS regular programs abroad, SRAS-assisted Faculty Led Programs, and SRAS Research Travel Services. Whether you are currently studying with us, or studied with us back in 1996 when we first officially opened our doors, we'd love to hear from you!

**As we cannot publish the same photos twice, if your picture has already been used in an SRAS calendar, that picture is inelligible. However, feel free to submit any other photos you might have. 

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