SRAS on TDS for Study Abroad (StudioAbroad)
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Untitled-1 SRAS is on TDS for Study Abroad (formerly StudioAbroad), one of the world's largest study abroad platforms built specially to save university study abroad departments time and money by automating processes and ensuring that all interested parties can get the information they need when they need it.

You can find our programs by just doing a search for “SRAS.” We keep our programs current on the platform (dates, deadlines, changes, etc.), so keep an eye out for our updates.

If you are not currently a partner or affiliate, please contact us about becoming one! SRAS will be happy to meet your university's needs and requirements so that you can add our unique programs to your students' study abroad opportunities.

If you are currently a partner or affiliate, we encourage you to search for us on TDS once per semester. We are constantly updating our courses and adding new ones.

We are always flexible for our partners. For example, upon the request of one of our partners we recently separated programs with multiple available locations into separate entries. So, while we previously had one entry for SRAS Russian Business Internship, with possible internship locations of Moscow, St. Petersburg, Bishkek, and Kiev. We now have four separate entries for the program in addition to the original (SRAS Russian Business Internship: Moscow, etc.), and the original entry has a general tag attached (SRAS Russian Business Internship-general). This summer we will archive the general entries, leaving only the location-specific entries. Just let us know what you need for your university's requirements.

If you don’t currently partner with us, get in touch with us to learn more what SRAS can offer you and your students. Contact Lisa Horner, Institutional Relations Coordinator, by email.

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