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SRAS is a team of experts with extensive experience studying, living, and working in Eurasia. We are well known within the Slavic Studies community for our extensive, up-to-date online resources, for our informative newsletter, research travel services, and for our innovative study abroad programs that strive to give students better experiences abroad through innovative study, optional internships and homestays, publishing opportunities, and a range of customizable and flexible services.

We are often looked to for advice on travel logistics or on study experiences in Russia, including for faculty-led programs, because we always have the most current information and a large network of resources for this specific geographic region to draw from.

Study abroad in Eurasia is already a unique character- and resume-building experience, but at SRAS we push students to the next level by:

  • consulting with students on program-selection to help identify programs and locations to optimize experience based on academic, professional, and personal goals;
  • arranging meaningful internships in business, journalism, NGOs, and museums. Students do not spend their time making copies and fetching coffee, they accomplish real tasks to not only add to their resumes, but also add to their marketable skills;
  • including career-oriented experiences such as our Living and Working in Russia seminar, which brings students in Moscow and St. Petersburg together with professionals living and working in Russia to provide advice on getting started in many fields. Invited guests have included US Foreign Service officers, foreigners involved in research, entrepreneurship, management, finance, translation, and education. See, for example, this writeup from 2012;
  • offering flexibility in cultural programing to take into account student requests;
  • awarding generous stipends to encourage students to get out, explore, and write for our student travel site, our student-powered art site, and/or our academic journal;
  • providing special presentations to students often covering local culture, politics, social issues, and more, to help students truly understand life on the ground from a local perspective;
  • providing hands-on programs that encourage students to actively engage with their surroundings. This brings all of the senses into the study abroad experience and provides the basis for a much deeper understanding of the country, its culture, and its people. A few of these opportunities include:
    • joining a local NGO on a trail-building expedition around Lake Baikal in Siberia;
    • trekking through the mountains of Kyrgyzstan on horseback, encountering locals who live very traditionally, often in yurts – an experience often described by students as nothing less than life-changing;
    • creating spectacular works of art with guidance from Hermitage experts, and then exhibiting them in an end-of-program gallery showing that students manage themselves;
    • and more.

Our on-the-ground experience combined with a strong network of local contacts allows us to rapidly adjust to changing conditions, offer programs and seminars of immediate relevance in politics, business, policy and conflict, environmental policy, and international relations in addition to more traditional subjects like history, language, culture, and art.

With SRAS, students are guaranteed to not only have an immersive language experience, but to emerge from the program with a much deeper understanding of the world they live in. SRAS's advantage is specializing in one part of the world, allowing our students to get deeper into its unique experience than they could with a more traditional study abroad program.

To find out how SRAS can help your students get the most for their study abroad investment, contact Lisa Horner, Institutional Relations Coordinator, by email.

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