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The School of Russian and Asian Studies to Change Names, Launch Fully Updated Website

Summer Study Abroad: Update on Recent Diplomatic Events

SRAS Announces Special Moscow-St.Petersburg Summer RSL Program for 2018

Summer Study Abroad: Important Updates

The State of Study Abroad in Russia

Russian Studies Abroad (RSA) Splits Into Two Programs

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SRAS and SPBGIKIT Language Partnership: The Year in Review

SRAS Site Visit to Irkutsk

Summer Programs Abroad - 2018

Travel Alert for Russian Cities: May 25 - July 25, 2018

Scholarships Available!

Stetson University and SRAS Announce New Partnership

Call for Papers: Vestnik!


The SRAS Newsletter
A Resource for Students, Educators, and Anyone Curious about Eurasia
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  Popkult_news is a new project from SRAS looking at the languages and popular cultures of Eurasia.

Добро пожаловать!

The SRAS Newsletter is back from a summer break with two announcements.

First, we’ve been working with our colleagues at Stetson University and at NovaMova (Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova) on a new summer program, Coexistence and Religion. Spend three weeks studying the roles of religion and spirituality in Georgia's multiconfessional society. This program combines lectures with extensive travel throughout Georgia, illustrating the tremendous diversity present within this small and picturesque country.

Second, we've also been working on a new site. PopKult is a new project from SRAS that presents the languages and popular cultures of Eurasia. Currently, you can search movies and music. We have considerable more information to upload and hope to expand into other languages soon. We are, for now, very heavy on Russian and Polish. Special thanks to our Home and Abroad Scholars, Julie Hersh, a recent graduate of Yale, and Zach Hicks, a Ph.D. student from University of Oregon.

Our newsletter this month also presents several articles to help you better understand Russian public opinion, Russian foreign policy, and the Russian economy. These are all of particular importance for Russia watchers as Russia's Duma elections near.

If you'll be at the ASEEES convention in Washington D.C. from November 17-20, please stop by our table! We'd love to see you! If you have any questions about any issue affecting study abroad in Russia, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, or Poland, please let us know! We hope to see you abroad soon!

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Policy and Conflict Post Soviet
Study Abroad
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Research Abroad
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In this month's newsletter:

- PopKult     - Programs
- Koroche!     - Articles

Call for Papers: Vestnik - Deadline: December 30!
Students who submit papers for this edition of Vestnik will be eligible for a $200 Jury Award. Click here for details. Make your submissions by December 30, 2016.


– Programs –

Coexistence and Religion
We will learn to reflect upon and better understand religious traditions, issues, questions, and values in Georgia, thereby enhancing and expanding our understanding of how religion and spirituality shape our own lives.

Policy and Conflict in the Post-Soviet Space
Visit multiple former Soviet states to discuss the conflicts there, both past and present, with local students, teachers, and experts.

Central Asian Studies
Visit Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and Turkmenistan while studying the culture, history, economies, and more of this diverse and geopolitically important region.

Siberian Studies
This course will introduce you to environmental policy making in the past and present as well as Russian language instruction focusing on terms and concepts related to environmental science.

Russian as a Second Language
Intensive Russian courses for all levels in locations across Russia and Eurasia.

Internships Abroad
Our internship page has been updated with new information detailing possible placements open in Kiev, Bishkek, and Warsaw. Internship options are available in Warsaw with no Polish language requirement.

Security and Society in the Information Age
Spend this summer looking at important global issues from the vantage of Poland/Central Europe. This region serves as a fascinating case study in courses on security (including cyber), criminal justice, entrepreneurship, urban planning, and elites/politics.

View ALL 12 Summer Semester Programs!
Home and Abroad: $10,000 For Your Study Abroad
Braver Grants: Get More From Your Study Abroad
Updated: Funding for Study in Russia and Eurasia
Gilman Scholarship Spring 2017

– Koroche! –

Top Movies in Russia
How the News is Reported in Russia
Nashe Radio's Top 5


Articles –

U.S. imposes sanctions on 'Putin's bridge' to Crimea
Companies building a multi-billion dollar bridge to link the Russian mainland with annexed Crimea were targeted by the United States in an updated sanctions blacklist on Thursday.

Russians Prefer Stability, Order and Sovereignty
Sixty-nine percent of respondents said the state should consolidate its role in society compared to 22% who stressed the need to liberalize all spheres of public life.

Poll: Freedom for Russians
Russian research company Romir has published the findings of a survey asking Russians what they think when they hear the word "freedom."

Number of Russians Viewing U.S. as Threat Hits 10-Year Low – Poll
Sixty-nine percent of 1,600 respondents labelled the United States as a threat, down from 77 in February 2015.

Poll: Over 35% of Russians Believe Voting in Upcoming Elections Useless
Many voters do not believe that their votes will be counted honestly, do not see any differences between the parties and do not consider the parliament an influential body.

Less Than a Fifth of Russians Would Consider Emigrating, Poll Finds
Less than one in five Russians would consider emigrating, a poll by the Moscow-based Levada-Center has found, with three quarters saying that they never would.

Russian Voter Mood on the Eve of Elections
According to VCIOM (Russian state-owned opinion research center) polls, 43.1 percent of Russians are ready to vote for the United Russia party which is the biggest party in Russia.

Russians Blame Govt for Price Rise, Insufficient Social Protection - Poll
Russians mostly criticize the national government for "being unable to deal with the price rise and shrinking household income" (42%) and "failing to ensure social protection" (34%), the Levada Center told Interfax.

Third of Russians Expect Rigged 2016 Duma Elections
A fifth of respondents believed that the elections would be free from any malpractice, with a further 26 percent declining to answer.

Russia’s Superior New Weapons
A retired U.S. general on how Russian and U.S. weapons would stack up on a battlefield.

Why Russia is Seeing Prices Fall for the First Time in 5 Years
Russian analysts cite seasonal factors and cautious consumers among the reasons for the fall in prices, with some expressing hope that Russia may be able to reach 4 percent inflation for the first time in its history by 2017.

Russia Dominates Global Wheat Market
Russia has supplanted the U.S. as the top exporter of the grain.

Russian Agriculture Revival Continues
Russian agricultural is flourishing as leading companies and the state pour money into the sector amid the sanctions that have cut food imports.

Russia's Oil Production Won't Falter
Why have peak oil predictions proven consistantly wrong?

Study Abroad
in Eurasia!

Internship in Russia

The Woman Who Revived Russia’s Markets
Many investors credit central-bank chief Elvira Nabiullina for Russia’s resurgence.

How the World Looks From the Russian Perspective
The old rules are gone. There are no new rules.

Putin Reshuffles Regional Leaders Ahead Of Vote
Russian President Vladimir Putin has abruptly reshuffled several regional leaders and dismissed the ambassador to Ukraine in a substantial shake-up that also included the removal of the country's longtime customs chief.

Closure of Independent Monitor Dents Credibility of Russian Elections
In the midst of the campaign for the upcoming parliamentary elections in Russia in September, the largest public violation monitoring organization has been disbanded.

Russia, U.S. Expel Diplomats
U.S. boots two Russians after attack on an American diplomat in Moscow, and Russia responds in kind.

Trump Campaign Guts GOP’s Anti-Russia Stance on Ukraine
Throughout the campaign, Trump has been dismissive of calls for supporting the Ukraine government.

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