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The School of Russian and Asian Studies to Change Names, Launch Fully Updated Website

Summer Study Abroad: Update on Recent Diplomatic Events

SRAS Announces Special Moscow-St.Petersburg Summer RSL Program for 2018

Summer Study Abroad: Important Updates

The State of Study Abroad in Russia

Russian Studies Abroad (RSA) Splits Into Two Programs

Join SRAS at NAFSA and Forum

SRAS and SPBGIKIT Language Partnership: The Year in Review

SRAS Site Visit to Irkutsk

Summer Programs Abroad - 2018

Travel Alert for Russian Cities: May 25 - July 25, 2018

Scholarships Available!

Stetson University and SRAS Announce New Partnership

Call for Papers: Vestnik!


The SRAS Newsletter
A Resource for Students, Educators, and Anyone Curious about Russia
Spring Programs, 2013: Deadlines in Oct, 2012!

  Russia-Pluto Russia is bigger than you thought! Total surface area of Pluto: 6,430,000 sq mi. Total surface area of Russia: 6,592,800 sq mi. It's closer than you thought too! Check out our spring programs and financial aid.

Добро пожаловать!

The SRAS newsletter is back with another big, back-to-school edition of its newsletter.

We have new interviews with Americans who have turned their Russian-language skills into professions.

We have a hyperlinked summary of five major issues that will affect US-Russia relations over the course of this semester: Russia's new WTO membership; the new US-Russia visa regime; the US election; Syria; and Pussy Riot. These issues might be even more complicated than you think. Check out the article and be prepared the next time you debate a classmate (or your class).

We have new student-produced material about Moldova and its conflict with the breakaway republic of Transdnestria.

Of course, we also have lots of great programs to study abroad in Russia, Ukraine, and Kyrgyzstan!

We have new language material, our regular "koroche,"  books and other material. Check them out below! 

In this month's newsletter:

5 Issues to Watch This Semester
- People       - Conflict       - Programs        -  Koroche! 
- Books      -  Primary Documents     - Language and Culture

Study Abroad
in Russia!

 Study Abroad
in Multiple Locations!

 Study Abroad
in Russia!

Cheap Eats
is back!

SA_logo_button SRAS announces a new site run for students, by students! The site is currently in beta version.
Art-in-Russia-buttonSRAS's new site devoted
to Russian art
. It's now redesigned and growing!

$200 Jury Award for Your Student Research!
Submit by December 20! Vestnik, the world's first online journal focused on showcasing student research on Eurasia, invites papers written by undergraduates, graduates, and postgraduates on any subject related to Russia and the states of the former Soviet Union.

SRAS Posters Published!
SRAS has published two updated posters to build Russian programs. Coming soon to a Russian professor near you!

- Five Issues to Watch -

The SRAS Newsletter has been on vacation for much of the summer. However, we've continued to follow the major issues surrounding Russia. To bring our publication up to date, our editor has chosen the five most important stories of the summer that will continue to develop and be important in US-Russia relations over the coming semester. Those interested in how these situations will continue to play out as it plays out are encouraged to follow SRAS on Facebook.

Full Article     New Visas        Syria
Russia Enters WTO     Pussy Riot
Election Year Politics

- Feature: People -  

Lara Peterson: US Forest Service
Lara Peterson is the Russia, Europe and Near Asia Program Coordinator for the US Forest Service International Programs.

Erin Decker: Translator, Analyst-Level Editor
Erin Decker holds a BA in Political Science and International Studies (Global Security) from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. After completing SRAS's Translate Abroad program in 2009, she went on to find employment as a translator and editor in Moscow.

Elizabeth Bagot: From Intern to Professional
Elizabeth Bagot holds a BA from Stanford University in International Relations with a minor in Russian Studies. She is now a professional editor and translator in Moscow, Russia. 

Kyra Gordon: US Army Contracts
Kyra Gordon is an International Program Management Specialist and Russian speaker working with US Army contacts to sell weapons systems to US allies.

- Kim Frankwick, SRAS Student Services Coordinator
- SRAS Art Shown at the Hermitage Youth Center
- SRAS End of the Summer Shashlik

- Conflict: Moldova -

Moldova: Divided on the Edge of Europe
Traditionally on the borders of larger states, Moldova has seen conflict for generations. Moldova today is once more (literally) fractured.

Transdnestria: A European Nowhere
Internationally considered part of Moldova, Transdnestria is a de facto state, having declared its independence in 1990 and successfully defended it in a brief war with Moldova in 1992.

This video by Miles Atkinson, SRAS student and brave explorer, takes you to Transdnestria, a nation that doesn't exist.

    - Programs and Funding! -

Policy and Conflict in the Post-Soviet Space
Students will visit Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, and Russia to discuss domestic and international conflicts with local students and experts and study Russian, an important language of diplomacy across the post-Soviet space.

Home and Abroad: Creative program
SRAS's Home and Abroad: Creative offers $7,000 to students who want to build writing, research, art, and language skills at home and abroad.

The Russians: A Developmental History of a National Psyche
The Russians is an innovative course that explores the Russian mindset, historical experience, and world view through Russian culture.

The Russian Far East
The Russian Far East places you at the conflux of powers rising and risen. Vladivostok is where Russia's energy meets the manufacturing power of China, the technology of Japan, the ingenuity of South Korea, and the North Korean wild card.

- Financial Aid for Study Abroad
- Student Budgets and Finances (updated!)

- Wilson Center Grants and Internships
- The Russian Far East: A Reader

- Kороче -

Top 5 Movies in Russia
MTV Russia's Top 5
Nashe Radio's Top 5

Tune in to Russian TV News

SRAS Students Abroad 

- Language and Culture -

Russian Mini-Lesson: Olympic Games
Олимпийские игры or Олимпиада (The Olympic Games) проходят раз в четыре года (occur every four years), and are held in various cities around the world. 

Russian Mini-Lesson: Dorm Rules
Students can request services with the дежурная, at any time during their stay, such as: Можно заменить лампочку? Она перегорела. (May I have this light bulb replaced? It burned out)

Ten Things Never to Say or Do in Russia
Sometimes, knowing what NOT to do is even more important if you want to fit in or at least produce a good impression. Read on to find out about ten Russian social taboos.

Top 12 Russian Sweets
Nearly everyone can identify traditional Russian dishes such as borshch and schi. What people don’t know is that this healthy diet of beetroot, buckwheat and cabbage is supplemented by a delicious array of traditional Russian sweets.

- What Research Tells Us About Immersion
- Can Speaking a Second Language Make You a Better Leader?
- In celebration of 200-years since Borodino!

 Never Too Many Books!
Nomonhan1939 Nomonhan, 1939 TheAbkhazians The Abkhazians:
A Handbook
Russia and the West Russia and the West
from Alexander to Putin

 Study Abroad
in Russia!


- Primary Docs and Other Cool Stuff -

SRAS Travel
Services for Scholars
SRAS Travel Services -  Russia Your Way

Building a Better Bear
Can Russia reform its outmoded military without scaring the United States?

From Izhmash, With Love
Russia now sells as many AK-47s to individual American civilians than to the Russian army according to the NY Times.

Reflections on My First Six Months as U.S. Ambassador to Russia
Michael McFaul speaks about his first six months of his service in Russia.

Russian Billionaire Founds Physics Award to Rival Nobel Prize
Russian billionaire Yury Milner set up a record $3 million prize for theoretical physicists to reward them for their contribution to fundamental science.

PepsiCo's Donald M. Kendall Talks About Russia
David Speedie, director of the program on U.S. Global Engagement at Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs, interviewed former chairman and CEO of PepsiCo Donald Kendall about his work in Russia and his hopes for the country’s future.

Russian Central Banker Outperforms US Fed’s Bernanke
The Chairman of Russia’s Central bank Sergey Igantiev beats US Federal Reserve chief Ben Bernanke and the ECB head Mario Draghi in the World's Top Central Bankers 2012 rating, organized by Global Finance magazine.

Reviving Rural Russia
Russia must stop looking for grandiose causes and dramatic projects, and enable all of its citizens – including its rural inhabitants – to invest in themselves.

Crunching the Numbers to Find Out if a Crisis Will Give Russia a Democracy
What do the coming years hold for Russia's political system? Recent cross-country studies suggest that economic growth alone will not miraculously transform Russia into a democracy or protect it from becoming a dictatorship. Moreover, it appears that the economic crisis is a significant threat to the ruling regime.

Rosneft Aims for Global Reach
Rosneft’s bid to buy BP’s 50 percent stake in TNK-BP has the Russian oil giant’s head, Igor Sechin, poised not just for a comeback, but for a long-running plan to turn the state corporation into a global conglomerate.

Russia Leads World on Illegal Migration - OECD
Russia has the world’s largest number of illegal migrants, accounting for almost seven percent of the country’s working population, according to the 2012 International Migration Outlook issued on Thursday by the Paris-based Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).

What Ukraine's New Language Law Means for National Unity
The controversy over whether Russian should be recognized as an official language of Ukraine is so heated that it has compelled Ukrainian politicians to tear each other’s clothes, flip parliamentarians over bannisters, and recently provoked the speaker of parliament to tender his resignation. Meeting with Russian Ambassadors
Vladimir Putin addressed a meeting of Russian ambassadors and permanent representatives. The theme of the meeting was Russia in a Changing World: Stable Priorities and New Opportunities.

Romanovs' Fate Revealed
Ambitious exhibition at the Russian State Archives in Moscow "The Death of Tsar Nicholas II's Family: A One-Hundred Year Investigation" aims to clear away seven decades of misinformation and silence under the Soviet regime.

Congress Reviews Central Asia (Part One): Security Issues
Last week, the US Congress held one of its most comprehensive hearings in years regarding US policy toward Central Asia.

Korea Enters Great Game
South Korea has taken a very interesting step lately with its embrace of Emomali Rahmon’s regime in Tajikistan.


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