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Sample Internships
in Warsaw, Poland

***This list of possible internship placements is part of a series of such lists which SRAS provides to help guide student decisions on which SRAS location to choose for an internship as well as what type of internship to request at those locations. These lists are not complete lists of the internships that may be available nor are they guarantees that a particular internship placement can be made. Duties may differ from those listed here. Each internship placement is considered individually and finalized with the interests of the student and organization taken into account.


 Internships listed on this page are offered as electives to:

Art / Culture / Museums

National Centre for Culture Poland
National Centre for Culture Poland (NCC; Polish: Narodowe Centrum Kultury) develops and professionalizes the cultural sector by raising the qualifications and skills of managers, animators and other professionals through a variety of trainings conducted by Polish and international experts as well as through education and exchange programs. At the same time the Centre aims to maintain and promote national and state traditions along with Polish cultural heritage and also to foster cultural education and nurture interest in culture and art. Example Responsibilities: general organizational support, which may include research, writing, networking, and organization.

Bec Zmiana Foundation
The Bęc Zmiana Foundation has been active since 2002 as a not-for-profit organization that supports artistic and cultural activities aimed at discovering the spaces and ways in which the spirit of the times makes itself manifest. The Foundation acts as an initiator of interdisciplinary events which engage creators in the field of art, architecture, design, music, and carries out the majority of its projects in the public space. Example Responsibilities: general organizational support, which may include research, writing, networking, and organization.

Bardzo Ładnie Foundation
This organization supports and promotes Polish culture, traditions, and art as a part of European cultural heritage, cultural education, and the development of a national consciousness that is both civic and cultural. The foundation focuses on promoting Polish culture abroad, mostly in Ireland, where Poles are the largest national minority. The organization's work is all about watching, talking to people, studying cultural needs and responding to them, raising funds for projects, looking for partners, sponsors, volunteers and sharing our mission. Current projects include promoting Polish cuisine and authors at festivals and organizing art workshops for children. Example Responsibilities: Editing, social media, blogging (Poland through foreign eyes), office work, correspondence with foreign institutions and media, database updates.

Adam Mickiewicz Institute
This thriving literary institute organizes lectures and classes for adults and children, thematic exhibits, concerts, reading events and book promotions. They are very busy, located in a beautiful building in the Old Market Square of the Old Town. If your Polish is good and you love Polish literature, this will be a great adventure. Example Responsibilities: general organizational support, which may include research, writing, networking, and organization.

Propaganda Gallery
Propaganda is one of the best known art galleries in Warsaw. Example Responsibilities: general organizational support, which may include research, writing, networking, and organization. 

The National Gallery of Art
Zachęta is one of the most important national art galleries promoting contemporary and 20th century art. An important icon in the nation’s social and cultural life, Zachęta seeks to develop art at home and to promote it abroad. It is the MOMA of Poland. The gallery also offers educational services like symposia, workshops, concerts, lectures, films and other events throughout the year and especially in the summer. It is a great place for a multi-tasking social butterfly. Example Responsibilities: general organizational support, which may include research, writing, networking, and organization.

Powszechny Theatre
Teatr Powszechny im. Zygmunta Hübnera was founded in 1944. It is one of the most popular theaters in Warsaw. Example Responsibilities: general organizational support, which may include research, writing, networking, and organization.

European Network of Remembrance and Solidarity
ENRS was created by the ministers of culture of Germany, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia. In 2014 Romania joined the Network. Its purpose is to document and promote the study of 20th century history and how it is remembered. Our fields of interest center on times of dictatorial regimes, wars, and resistance to oppression. Example Responsibilities: general organizational support, which may include research, writing, networking, and organization.


Business / Economics

American Chamber of Commerce
The American Chamber of Commerce in Poland is the leading voice for international investors in Poland. It is composed of over 300 companies representing a wide range of sectors, and has significant American presence, including 80 of the Fortune 500 companies. Members share the will to build connections and develop the business market in Poland. AmCham actively supports and promotes member interests through global networks in business, politics, and other AmChams worldwide. It strives to provide a platform for international investors to discuss and identify common interests and exchange information regarding their economic activities in Poland. The American Chamber of Commerce in Poland (AmCham) provides unpaid internships on an as-needed basis for general office work or targeted projects. Interns are exposed to a professional working environment, to the operations of an NGO, and to the American business community in Poland. Example Responsibilities: Based on intern interests, current projects and the need of the day, interns may be involved in: event management, PR and media relations, membership processing, member relations, lobbying and advocacy, management of organization database and website, expanding AmCham's role in Poland and in Europe, other responsibilities.

Youth Business Poland
Youth Business Poland (YBP) is part of Youth Business International, an international organization supporting youth entrepreneurship in almost 40 countries around the world. Youth Business Poland was launched in 2006, and now operates as part of the Technologic Incubator Foundation. It provides young people with high-quality support (mentoring, business trainings and accelerator program) in the creation and development of their ventures. Example Responsibilities: participation in organization projects as needed.

The British Polish Chamber of Commerce
BPCC is a leading chamber of commerce in Poland, providing business information, trade and investment support of the very highest level to our members and clients across Poland and the UK. The BPCC's policy groups work to create a better business environment in Poland by regularly meeting public sector bodies. Example Responsibilities: researching on British and Polish markets, reporting, contacting international organizations on behalf of the British Polish Chamber of Commerce.

European Centre of Diplomacy and Peace
The Centre specializes in creating and promoting a positive image of the "Polska" national brand, which boosts investment attractiveness and economic potential and is also key in developing "soft power." They take a flexible, multidimensional approach to effective national branding techniques, have experience in building relationships in an international environment, solid knowledge of the public, private and non-governmental sector, and take into account changing economic, technological, geopolitical and cultural realities. Example Responsibilities: general organizational support, which may include research, writing, networking, and organization.

The Institute for Structural Research
The Institute for Structural Research is a think tank focused economic analysis of the labor market, demography, education, family and social policy, public finances, the healthcare system, as well as energy and climate issues. Our research is mainly centered on socioeconomic mechanisms and processes as well as the effects of public policy on a particular area. In our analysis, we use modern modelling, statistical, econometric and IT tools. The results of our work are used by central and local authorities, European agencies, scientific institutes and universities, as well as other researchers. We share our knowledge by publishing analyses and reports; we also organize scientific conferences. The internships are open for motivated students and graduates interested in labor economics, macroeconomics, social and environmental policies. Applicants should: Be enrolled in the field of economics or other fields related to IBS areas of expertise; Have fluent English and have strong drafting skills (Polish is an advantage); Have good knowledge of MS Excel (Stata would be an advantage); Be interested in enrollment for 30h a week. Example Responsibilities: Work on diverse research projects for a 2 month long period between June and September, with an opportunity for extension. Assist IBS researchers (data collection, report drafting, notes, data presentation). Complete desk research, in particular in the fields of labour economics and social policy. Research support (data analysis, literature review).

BNP Paribas Securities Services S.K.A
BNP Paribas Securities Services is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the BNP Paribas Group and a leading provider of securities services and investment operations solutions to issuers, financial intermediaries and institutional investors. As an integral part of Corporate and Institutional banking, BNP Paribas Securities Services is safekeeping 8,3 trillion EUR assets under custody on behalf of its clients and is administrating 1,6 trillion EUR of funds assets, which gives bank no. 1 position across European custodian banks and no. 5 worldwide. The Warsaw office comprises two business lines: a dynamically growing International Operations Centre (SSC) providing asset and fund services for a number of locations across Europe and local custody & clearing business offering broker-dealers, global custodians and investment banks a full local clearing, settlement and custody solution in Poland. Example Responsibilities: support in processing of financial matters and fund deal services; Participation in international projects; Cooperation with teams from all over Europe; Daily support of other team members. Interns may work in the following departments: Fund Dealing Services; Fund Accounting; Data Administration; Transfer Agency; Depositary Fiduciary Services.

Ashoka Innovators for the Public
Ashoka seeks to advance an "Everyone a Changemaker" world, where anyone can apply the skills of changemaking to solve complex social problems. They support social entrepreneurs who are leading and collaborating with changemakers, in a team of teams model that addresses the fluidity of a rapidly evolving society. Ashoka believes that anyone can learn and apply the critical skills of empathy, team work, leadership, and changemaking to be successful in the modern world. Example Responsibilities: participation in organization projects as needed.

Business internships also available at: Citibank and Michelin.


Cyber Security

The Casimir Pulaski Foundation
The Casimir Pulaski Foundation is an independent, non-partisan think-tank specializing in foreign policy and international security. The Pulaski Foundation provides analyses that describe and explain international developments, identify trends in international environment, and contain possible recommendations and solutions for government decision makers and private sector managers to implement. Example Responsibilities: participation in organization projects as needed.

Cybersecurity Foundation (CSF)
Cybersecurity Foundation (CSF) promotes cybersecurity including the improvement of Internet security. To achieve that, they: raise awareness about cyber threats, respond to security incidents in cyberspace, research and develop activities in the field of IT security. CSF is involved in many initiatives, conferences, trainings and projects related to IT security. It creates and co-creates reports and studies related to IT security and critical infrastructure protection, as well as many training materials used at home and abroad. In 2012 Foundation initiated, co-organized and coordinated first in Poland, nationwide cyber exercise – Cyber-EXE Poland. The foundation is a member of the APWG (The Anti-Phishing Working Group) and is a member of the Polish response and security teams’ forum – ABUSE-FORUM. In 2015 Foundation founded Polish Civil Cyber Defense Association, which gathers ICT security experts with significant knowledge and experience. Example Responsibilities: participation in organization projects as needed.

This publication delivers the most important analysis and commentaries connected with cyber security and cryptology. Example Responsibilities: participation in organization projects as needed.

Kosciuszko Institute (Cracow)
Kosciuszko Institute is an independent, non-governmental research institute that was founded in 2000 as a non-profit organisation. The institute drafts expert reports and policy recommendations for European and Polish decision makers. KI experts influence public debate by addressing the substantial matters in social and economic life. As well as conducting several long term programs, they track the game-changing trends and day-to-day events by monitoring seven research areas: International Relations, EU and RP Institutions and Law, Energy and Climate, Security and Defense, Cybersecurity, Economy and Finance and the State under the Rule of Law. The Kosciuszko institute cooperates in cybersecurity issues with the institutions and government in Poland: the National Security Office (BBN), the Government Security Centre (RCB), the Supreme Audit Office (NIK) and the Ministry of Administration and Digitisation. KI experts are daily guests in national media outlets providing insights and opinions related to cybersecurity. Example Responsibilites: assistance in the implementation of KI's projects including III European Cybersecurity Forum – CYBERSEC 2017; assistance in implementation of grants, including grants covered by EU funds; data and information research; assistance in the organization of scientific conferences, training and seminars; liaising with external parties; assistance in organization of work in the office.

Cyber Security Internships are also available with R&D Center Orange Poland,  ITWIZ.PL, Business Security Magazine, and Giodo (Inspector General for the Protection of Personal Data).


Ecology / Environment

ClientEarth is a public interest environmental law group founded in 2007. ClientEarth brings together law, science and policy to create practical solutions to key environmental challenges. Working in partnership with civil society and policy-makers, ClientEarth is committed to securing the rights of citizens and civil society to participation, information and justice in environmental matters. In Europe and beyond, ClientEarth’s 60 strong staff includes legal experts qualified in more than ten jurisdictions based in offices in London, Brussels and Warsaw and with lawyers in Ghana, Gabon and Congo Brazzaville. Their programs cover environmental justice, biodiversity, climate and forests, climate and energy, and health and environment. In 2012 BusinessGreen gave ClientEarth its NGO of the Year award. In 2013 ClientEarth was awarded the Law Society’s LSA Award for Excellence in Environmental Responsibility. Example Responsibilities: general organizational support, which may include research, writing, networking, and organization.


Governance / Law Enforcement

Lower House of the Polish Parliament
Polish Sejm is Poland's lower house of parliament. Example Responsibilities: general organizational support, which may include research, writing, networking, and organization. 

Central Statistical Office
This Polish government agency is responsible for gathering and presenting data related to the current state of population, economy and social structure in the country.

The Office for Support and Social Projects of the City of Warsaw (Urząd Warszawy)
This office develops standards of the social welfare and prophylaxis (community support system for families, handicapped, elderly, homeless, addicted, affected by domestic violence). The office is willing to cooperate with students of administration, management, economy, international relations, political science, social policy. Example Responsibilities: Support in organizing events, conferences; cooperation with NGOs; finding innovative solutions for social services from all over the world (esp. from the country of origin) and creating a plan of implementing it in Warsaw; support in social media activities; helping to edit English texts.

Office of the City of Warsaw: The Mayor’s office, Complaint and Motion Department (Urząd Warszawy)
This department coordinates the handling of citizen motions and complaints. The ideal internship candidate should be a student of administration/law. Example Responsibilities: general organizational support in the following areas: correspondence/motions management, documentation workflow, comparing two systems of examining motions/complaints (the one existing in Poland and in the home country of intern), monitoring the timeliness of processes, cooperating with different departments. Please note: the basic command of Polish would be an advantage.

European Forensic Initiatives Centre – EFIC Foundation
The primary objective of the EFIC Foundation is to promote quality in forensic science and the development of existing technologies, methods, techniques and tools in forensic science among representatives of law enforcement and the judiciary. The ambition of the Foundation is to exploit the potential of forensic science to improve cooperation between law enforcement and the judiciary, and to promote initiatives aimed at coherent and comprehensive approach to combating crime. At the same time, the Foundation aims to take measures to ensure that all parties in the criminal process have a uniform access to the resources offered by modern forensic science with a balance between these measures and the protection of fundamental human rights. Example Responsibilities: general organizational support, which may include research, writing, networking, and organization.

The Supreme Audit Office
The Supreme Audit Office, or NIK (previously used English translation of the name of the institution was the Supreme Chamber of Control), is the top independent state audit body whose mission is to safeguard public spending. For over 90 years, NIK has looked into the way the Polish state operates and how it spends public funds. Example Responsibilities: general organizational support, which may include research, writing, networking, and organization. Please note that Polish citizenship is required.

Law Enforcement Internships also also available at the Central Forensic Laboratory of the Police Research Institut. 


Jewish Organizations

Beit Warszawa
The Beit Warszawa Foundation believes in the importance of the renewal of Jewish life in Poland and sets the focus of its activity on supporting the Congregation of Progressive Jews of Warsaw. Along with the 35 principles of Progressive Judaism in Poland they emphasize openness, transparency and accountability in all activities. We also emphasize and promote good citizenship and the mantra that “what is good for the Polish Jews must be good for Poland.” Example Responsibilities: general organizational support, which may include research, writing, networking, and organization. is a website dealing with Jewish current issues (cultural, political, historical). Example Responsibilities: the intern would support the portal in translating texts into English. We offer the possibility of exploring Jewish heritage in Warsaw/Sokołów Podlaski.

Fundacja Shalom
The Foundation aims to promote Jewish cultural heritage by fulfilling various projects in Poland and outside the country. Example Responsibilities: supporting the Foundation in organizing Warsaw International Summer Seminar in Yiddish Language and Culture and "Singer's Warsaw" Festival.

Towarzystwo Społeczno-Kulturalne Żydów w Polsce (TSKŻ)
This is the biggest Jewish organization in Poland. Its aim is to promote Jewish culture, language and heritage. Example Responsibilities: general organizational support, which may include research, writing, networking, and organization.

The Foundation for the Preservation of Jewish Heritage
The Foundation for the Preservation of Jewish Heritage in Poland was established in 2002 by the Union of Jewish Communities in Poland and the World Jewish Restitution Organization (WJRO). Its primary mission is to protect and commemorate the surviving sites and monuments of Jewish cultural heritage in Poland. The Foundation is active where no Jewish community exists today or where distance from major urban centers or lack of sufficient financial resources makes it difficult for existing small Jewish communities to provide adequate long-term care and maintenance. Example Responsibilities: creating database of funding sources for preserving cultural heritage; proofreading; preparing grant applications for financial funding; supporting Foundation in developing the educational project "To Bring Memory Back" (for students interning in June).



Polish Press Agency
Polish Press Agency is the single largest source of news from Poland with over 250 reporters and 40 photojournalists delivering accurate and comprehensive news to leading media outlets, government and financial institutions, investors and entrepreneurs in and outside of Poland. Example Responsibilities: Researching the Polish capital market; support in creating web portals such as and; social media management; writing articles; selecting photos to articles; creating videos and infographics to topics related to capital markets.

Political Critique
This publishing house is Poland’s largest left-wing circle of intellectuals and activists; the largest Polish intellectual journal. Example Responsibilities: May include research, writing, networking, and organization.

Poland Today
Poland Today is the media interface bringing Poland to the world and the world to Poland. Through print, digital and event platforms we provide information and networking opportunities to integrate both Poles and foreigners interested in Poland. Poland Today is business-focused, but understands that doing business well requires a broader political, cultural and societal context. Example Responsibilities: write short articles which could be put on the website; attend events and write post-event reports; help to organize conferences.

Magazyn Miasta (Res Publica Nowa)
Magazyn Miasta (Cities Magazine) is the only Polish interdisciplinary magazine about urban issues. They cover everything that is important in the city: from urban policies, through urban planning, architecture and art in public space, to urban movements and active residents. They aim to popularize expert knowledge about the city. Cities Magazine is read by more than 7000 readers: local government officials, civil servants, scholars, architects, activists, artists and many others. Example Responsibilities: participation in organization projects as needed.

Gazeta Wyborcza
A newspaper published in Warsaw, Poland, presenting political and international affairs from a liberal perspective. Example Responsibilities: May include research, writing, networking, and organization.


NGO / Think Tank

Centre for Dialogue and Analysis
The mission of this think tank is to inspire and support Polish decision makers in looking at reality from a multi-level perspective as well as to bridge the gap between the public and private, theory and practice, research and intuition. Strengthening the public debate in Poland, creating new forms of expression and delivering analysis to leaders in order to help them make better decisions, are only a few of the many objectives of the Centre. Example Responsibilities: general organizational support, which may include research, writing, networking, and organization.

Fundacja Refugee im. Małgorzaty Jasiczek-Gebert
The Foundation is focused on raising awareness of asylum-seekers, refugees, and migrants. This includes legal and social research into their situation in Poland and beyond. The Foundation works with a broad range of partners, including the Polish Office for Foreigners, the Ministry of Interior, UNHCR, local authorities and non-governmental organisations. The foundation provides direct assistance to asylum-seekers, refugees, and migrants including free legal and social assistance, kid's day care centres, and integration assistance. The foundation also runs PSAs and conducts lectures and other events on forced displacement and migration. The foundation also provides commentary on government resettlement plans, creating effective legislation, and advocating for European governments and UNHCR to get involved to improve conditions in the countries of origin of refugees and forced migrants. Example Responsibilities: Participating in foundation activities as needed.

Foundation for Somalia
Foundation for Somalia promotes intercultural dialogue, diversity as well as exchanges of cultural experiences. They promote tolerance and respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms for all without distinction as to race, sex, language, or religion. They act to serve as a bridge between immigrants and Polish society, supporting immigrants culturally and financially and allowing them to integrate better within Poland's society and socio-economic reality. They promote education and knowledge about other cultures and specifically the traditions of African and Arab countries. One of the priorities of the Foundation is humanitarian and development aid with particular emphasis on the extremely difficult region of Somalia. Example Responsibilities: support in fundraising and PR activities (organizing social campaigns, promoting different events, projects offered by the Foundation).

Heinrich Boll Stiftung
The Heinrich Böll Foundation is an independent German political foundation affiliated with the German Green Party. Their main objectives involve fostering democracy and upholding human rights, taking action to prevent the destruction of the global ecosystem, and advancing equality between women and men. They are particularly involved in issues of social emancipation and gender equality in politics and society, respect for cultural and ethnic minorities, and the social and democratic participation of immigrants. The Heinrich Böll Foundation is currently supporting about 130 projects in 60 countries on four continents. Example Responsibilities: support in organizing events; creating reports after conferences, debates; research; media monitoring; creating databases; managing promotional tasks; translation and proofreading. Please note: fluent command of Polish and English is required, the minimum time of internship: 3 months. The Foundation does not accept interns for the period from June - September.

Polish Red Cross (PCK) 
A veteran among Polish charities, PCK helps those in need such as flood victims, the homeless, orphans and the elderly. Their programs are numerous and there is always a need for a well-organized, empathic and good-natured person who is computer savvy and can also carry boxes with goods or welcome a less fortunate one with a smile and a handshake. Example Responsibilities: general organizational support, which may include research, writing, networking, and organization. Please note: intermediate command of Polish is required to apply. Only 3-month internships are available.

Jagiellonian Institute
In a young democracy there is a need for an organization to help spread democratic initiatives and ways of thinking. The Institute’s main goal is to secure Poland’s importance as a democratic republic in this part of the world. If you are passionate about reading, writing, and collaborating with institutions and people, this is worth checking out. Example Responsibilities: general organizational support, which may include research, writing, networking, and organization.

The Open Dialogue Foundation
The Open Dialog Foundation was established on the initiative of Lyudmyla Kozlovska in 2009 in Poland. Its statutory aims are the protection of human rights, democracy and the rule of law in the post-Soviet area. Example Responsibilities: fundraising, copywriting, public relations, public affairs.

The Polish Institute of International Affairs
PISM is a leading Polish think-tank on international affairs. The program of multi-disciplinary and comparative research concerns all issues pertaining to contemporary Polish foreign policy such as Poland’s membership in the EU and NATO, Poland’s bilateral relations (in particular with neighboring countries), and the image of Poland abroad. In addition, the Institute’s field of interest includes institutions responsible for the formation and implementation of foreign policy, work of decision makers and research methodology in the area of international relations. The Institute prepares analytical studies, writes reports, develops political forecasts and publishes specialized monographs. Example Responsibilities: general organizational support, which may include research, writing, networking, and organization.

The Community of Democracies
Community of Democracies is a global intergovernmental coalition of democratic countries, with the goal of promoting democratic rules and strengthening democratic norms and institutions around the world. Community of Democracies is an important global platform for the exchange of experiences and ideas towards the building and strengthening of democratic order of its members as well as that of the international system. Example Responsibilities: general organizational support, which may include research, writing, networking, and organization.

The Sobieski Institute
The Sobieski Institute is a think tank that conducts multidisciplinary research with the aim of developing creative ideas for reforms and changes in Poland’s public policies. It formulates political and economic strategies and serves as a forum for public debates involving academics, professionals, decision-makers, journalists and other experts. The Sobieski Institute implements projects in various areas including defense and security policy, foreign policy, education, energy policy, public finance, technology, communication, and law. Example Responsibilities: general organizational support, which may include research, writing, networking, and organization.

European Academy of Diplomacy
EAD seeks to shape, sharpen and inspire a new generation of enlightened international leaders. It derives its principles and values from the country’s experience of a successful economic and political transition. It also draws inspiration from Poland’s value-oriented foreign policy, which endorses joint-responsibility for EU’s neighborhood and active engagement in the support for democracy and prosperity around the world. Example Responsibilities: assisting coordinators with recruitment for international programs; researching and contacting speakers for workshops; ensuring training programs are properly organized and executed; daily office responsibilities; opportunity to attend conferences, diplomatic seminars, and workshops (including the Visegrad School of Political Studies and the European Diplomacy Workshop) to meet political figures, media experts, trainers and potential leaders.

Polish-U.S. Fulbright Commission
The Fulbright Program is the flagship international educational exchange program sponsored by the US government and is designed to increase mutual understanding between the people of the United States and the people of other countries. Example Responsibilities: general organizational support, conducting meetings/workshops with the students in the Fulbright office in Warsaw; cooperation with Fulbright program coordinators and Polish students who wish to pursuing further education in the US; creating and updating databases, helping Polish students to find out what they need to do to pursue undergraduate studies in the US.

Centre for International Relations
The Centre is an independent, non-governmental think-tank, dedicated to the study of international relations and those foreign policy issues, which are of crucial importance to Poland, Europe and transatlantic relations. CIR carries out its own research projects, prepares reports and analyses and participates in international projects in cooperation with similar institutions in several countries. The center’s activities are analytical and educational in character. Since it was founded in 1996, CIR has become an influential forum for foreign policy analysis and debate, involving leading politicians, diplomats, civil servants, local government officials, businessmen, journalists, students and representatives of other NGOs. Example Responsibilities: general organizational support, which may include research, writing, networking, and organization.

Humanity in Action
Humanity in Action Poland educates young leaders from the East and the West in the importance of taking action to improve the situation of human and minority rights wherever they are violated. HIA Poland organizes the Humanity in Action Fellowship in Warsaw for university students from Poland, Germany, Ukraine and the United States. It also develops a range of local grassroots events and regional educational programming for Central and Eastern Europe, with a particular focus on promoting awareness of the rights of the disabled. Example Responsibilities: assisting HIA Staff in logistics and organizational matters; communication with fellows before, during, and after the program when needed; assisting in managing the fellows programs; help the fellows organize the weekend events and assisting them in their free time events; help organize and run discussions or group-work activities; assistance with blogs, PR, social media, photography, and other publishing activities.

Amnesty International
The Polish chapter is small but very active, organizing Amnesty International global campaigns locally, and promoting social awareness through exhibits, events, conferences, concerts and other meetings all over Poland. Example Responsibilities: general organizational support, which may include research, writing, networking, and organization.

Foundation Common Europe / East Book
Common Europe Foundation was established in December 2010 by graduates from the Centre for East European Studies at the University of Warsaw - experts on Eastern Europe. The aim is to work on bringing East European and European Union's societies closer.  their ambition is to initiate international debate on the future of the whole region. They aspire to make the experience of freedom of speech a shared one. Example Responsibilities: general organizational support, which may include research, writing, networking, and organization.

Never Again Association
The mission of Never Again is to promote multicultural understanding and to contribute to the development of a democratic civil society in Poland. This association is particularly concerned with the problem of education against racial and ethnic prejudices among the young. Example Responsibilities: general organizational support, which may include research, writing, networking, and organization.

Institute of Public Affairs
Institute of Public Affairs (IPA) is a leading Polish think tank and an independent center for policy research and analysis, established in 1995. Their mission is to contribute to informed public debate on key Polish, European and global policy issues. Their main areas of study include European policy, social policy, civil society, migration and development policy as well as law and democratic institutions. The IPA publishes research reports, policy papers and books, which are broadly disseminated among members of parliament, government officials and civil servants, academics, journalists and civil society activists. Every year the IPA hosts dozens of conferences, seminars, round tables, workshops and other events with the participation of key policy and opinion makers. Example Responsibilities: Researching current issues related to Polish and European politics; researching strategies of cooperation with eastern countries, the future of EU and its institutions, and/or Polish-German relations.

The German Marshall Fund of the United States (GMF)
The GMF strengthens transatlantic cooperation on regional, national, and global challenges and opportunities in the spirit of the Marshall Plan.

Academy for the Development of Philanthropy in Poland
Academy for the Development of Philanthropy in Poland is a unique place where uncommon things happen. They have been creators of programs and campaigns that are social brands. They support and motivate local communities,  recognize socially-involved companies and support them, and provide the people willing to help with the methods to do so. Through the development of modern philanthropy, they believe that we can slowly create a world in which people trust and help each other, they can share experiences with each other and solve problems together. The Academy, with Partners, are changing the world for the better. The academy’s activity is addressed first of all to NGOs, civil groups, and business circles. Our programs can also appeal to local governments, media, and public opinion. They give special priority to cooperation with community foundations and other NGOs active in small communities, as they want to primarily contribute to their self-sustainability and local development. Example Responsibilities: general organizational support, which may include research, writing, networking, and organization.

NGO Internships are also available at Hereditas Foundation, Institute of Urban Development (Cracow), Stowarzyszenie Forum Rozwoju Warszawy, The Stefan Kuryłowicz Foundation.

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