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Sample Internships
in Kiev, Ukraine

***This list of possible internship placements is part of a series of such lists which SRAS provides to help guide student decisions on which SRAS location to choose for an internship as well as what type of internship to request at those locations. These lists are not complete lists of the internships that may be available nor are they guarantees that a particular internship placement can be made. Duties may differ from those listed here. Each internship placement is considered individually and finalized with the interests of the student and organization taken into account.

***All internships listed here can accomodate students of any language level.


Study Abroad
in Eurasia!

Internship in Russia
Study Abroad
in Russia!

Policy and Conflict Post Soviet
Research Abroad
in Eurasia!



Sky Art Foundation 
Sky Art Foundation is a private initiative supporting and developing a new generation of Ukrainian painters, working in the sphere of contemporary art, and also for promotion of international cultural exchange and integration of Ukrainian culture into the world art context. The fund actively carries out exhibitions and charity activities, organizes international art projects, produces cultural events with participation of Ukrainian painters, and provides grants for talented artists. Example Responsibilities: work at the gallery with clients; help organize events working with foreign artists; write press releases or proofread/edit texts in English; research; consulting.



Paragraf Social Consulting
Paragraf provides services in social project consulting, project management, social impact assessment, developing strategies to influence civil society, and corporate social responsibility. Paragraf gives creative solutions to make any social activity unique and effective. They use professional business technology to work with non-profit project management. Their mission is to create quality changes, helping the public, businesses, and public authorities to cooperate efficiently. Example Responsibilities: Event management, help with grant writing, general organizational support at the office, research.

European Profiles S.A.
European Profiles S.A. is one of the leading Management Consultancy companies in Greece, serving the public and private sector by offering high-quality multidisciplinary expertise. They offer advice and assistance to public and private institutions on a wide spectrum of domains spanning from economic and social development to hands-on support for businesses. They have provided services to numerous institutional clients in transition and developing economies through the implementation of complex technical assistance projects financed by the EU, the World Bank, and other international donors. They have also assisted entities from the private sector in their efforts for expansion and growth. They partner with clients in Greece and globally to deliver customized solutions that resolve most significant issues and create lasting competitive advantage. Example Responsibilities: project management, support in organizing events, research, correspondence, networking.

White Owl Creative Agency
White Owl makes cool advertising and great marketing. They are committed to creating high-quality and effective products and they believe that every customer should not only leave satisfied, but also make this world a better place. White Owl plans brand/product market entry, develops sites or applications, offers ideas, carries out marketing on social networks, creates film commercials, promotion strategies, and events. Example Responsibilities: assist on creative projects, SMM, research, helping organize events.



Ukrainian State Center for International Education
The Ukrainian State Center for International Education was established by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine in 2003 to promote education opportunities in Ukraine for foreign citizens. Acting as the official representative of the Ministry, the Center actively collaborates with: higher education institutions of Ukraine, government authorities of Ukraine, Ukraine’s diplomatic missions abroad and embassies of foreign countries in Ukraine. The Center handles applications from foreign students, monitors and analyses statistical information about foreign students in Ukraine and popularizes Ukrainian education abroad. Example responsibilities: project management - correspondence, informational support, copywriting, networking, research; social communication - correspondence, informational support, copywriting, networking, research; PR, marketing, social media - support social media accounts of the Center; international student assistance - correspondence, informational support, copywriting, networking, research.



Crisis Media Center 
Ukraine Crisis Media Center was set up in March 2014 to provide the international community with objective information about events in Ukraine and threats to national security, particularly in the military, political, economic, energy and humanitarian spheres. The Center is providing media support on a 24/7 basis to all those covering events in Ukraine and runs a daily schedule of live press briefings and moderated discussions to provide the world with accurate and up-to-date information about the fast-moving situation in Ukraine. Example Responsibilities: proofreading or editing texts in English, help with projects in PR, journalism, and/or cultural studies.

Institute of Mass Information
The Institute of Mass Information works to strengthen the positive influences the media can have on Ukraine's developing civil society. The institute monitors and analyzes the status of freedom of speech in Ukraine, researches trends in the informational sphere, conducts advocacy and informational campaigns on socially important issues, cares about improving the professional skills of journalists and freelancers, contributes to legislative development concerning the media, introduces advanced journalism standards and promotes raising public awareness of the activities and achievements of NGOs in Ukraine. Example Responsibilities: support social media activities, help in editing English texts, work with the English version of the institute's website, and research.

Independent Association of Broadcasters
The idea of IAB's creation appeared during common meetings of active directors of regional TV companies. During discussions, it became clear that many existing problems were common for all broadcasters. It was necessary to overcome them by combining efforts. Example Responsibilities: translations website materials to English; IAB contact database development; work with documents and informational materials; record interviews; prepare press releases and invitations (help the press secretary of IAB); take part in corporate English classes as conversation partners.

Ukrainian Media E-school 
This is a joint project of IAB and Deutsche Welle Akademie. E-school was founded to ensure the demand of high quality training programs for professional journalism in Ukraine. Example Responsibilities: translations of website materials into English; conduct oral and written surveys of students of the school; contact database development; work with documents and informational materials; record interviews and prepare press releases and invitations (help press secretary); prepare training materials; conduct correspondence; take part in corporate English classes as conversation partners.

Internews Ukraine is one of the biggest mass media public organizations in Ukraine. Its main objectives are: formation of independent and pluralistic media in Ukraine; raising standards of journalism; improving legal frameworks that regulate relations in the field of media in Ukraine; development of new media; establishment of cooperation between the media, civil society, and the government; and support Ukraine's European integration. Example Responsibilities: Assisting the organization in achieving its main objectives.


Other NGOs and Think Tanks

International Center of Policy Studies 
International Center of Policy Studies is one of Ukraine’s top independent think tanks involved in developing and analyzing public policy. Its mission is to promote reforms, promote democratic principles of government and social transformations in Ukraine on the basis of European integration. ICPS specializes in areas such as democratic governance, foreign policy, economic analysis and energy policy. Example Responsibilities: research topics in politics, economics, or energy policy and create and present a report on these topics.

Institute of World Policy
The mission of the Institute of World Policy (IWP) is to develop analytical research and implement project activities in order to promote European standards and practices inside Ukraine, as well as to increase support of foreign opinion leaders, EU and NATO officials for the European and Euro-Atlantic aspirations of Ukraine. Example Responsibilities: translate/proofread articles and press releases; assist in pre-research for and transcript in debates and/or events. 

JCI (Junior Chamber International)
JCI is a nonprofit organization of young, active citizens aged 18 to 40 who are engaged and committed to creating an impact in their communities. Active citizens are individuals interested in the future of our world. JCI helps them develop the skills, knowledge and understanding to make informed decisions and take action. As globally minded young people, we all have rights, responsibilities, and share goals. We find targeted solutions to local issues benefitting our communities, our world, and our future. Embracing new ideas, collaboration and diversity, we have the passion and courage to address the critical challenges of our time in four main areas: business, international, individual, and community development. Example Responsibilities: project management, support in organizing events, conferences, seminars, correspondence, networking.


Technology / IT

EitherSoft is an IT company based in Kiev working to provide clients with complex technological solutions to the biggest business challenges. They boost productivity and reduce costs by implementing the latest technological and design standards. They specialize in: cross-platform web-applications using SaaS/Cloud computing methodologies; mobile applications; high load applications that can withstand a huge number of simultaneous connections without compromising the quality of service provided; DevOps and Big Data & Analytics - systems to extract value from large-volume data to ensure our customers' productivity. Example Responsibilities: work at the sales office, SMM, correspondence, content management, research, networking.

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