Sample Internships
in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

***This list of possible internship placements is part of a series of such lists which SRAS provides to help guide student decisions on which SRAS location to choose for an internship as well as what type of internship to request at those locations. These lists are not complete lists of the internships that may be available nor are they guarantees that a particular internship placement can be made. Duties may differ from those listed here. Each internship placement is considered individually and finalized with the interests of the student and organization taken into account.



  Study Abroad
in Russia!


Westminster Foundation for Democracy
The Westminster Foundation for Democracy (WFD) was established in 1992 to support democratic practices and institutions in developing democracies. WFD specializes in parliamentary strengthening and political party development. It works at national, regional and local levels and is uniquely placed to draw directly on the expertise and involvement of the Westminster political parties. Example Responsibilities: Translation from Russian into English, from English into Russian, NGO development. Level of Russian: Intermediate and higher language level.

Foundation for Tolerance International
This fund has implemented more than 100 projects and programs. To date, the Foundation "For Tolerance International" is one of the largest and most experienced, working to prevent and resolve conflicts in the Central Asian region. The Foundation team has more than 30 employees of different nationalities, ages and qualifications. FTI is headquartered in Bishkek, has three branches in Batken, Osh and Jalal-Abad, and a regional office in Leilek. The Foundation is the founder of the Valley of Peace Network, which brings together NGOs in Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and the Regional Coordinator for Central Asia of the Global Partnership for the Prevention of Conflict (GPPAC Armed). Example Responsibilities: Developing new initiatives to assist with programmatic, institutional and organizational development. Assisting with the redevelopment of the web-site and timely posting of information about the projects to the site. Preparing materials for updating the English version of the website with input from and coordination with previous volunteers and FTI staff. Conducting substantial research and creating reports addressing issues of mutual interest to FTI and the volunteer. Level of Russian: All levels accepted.

Red Crescent
The ICRC has numerous projects focused on at-risk groups such as women, the elderly and children in addition to projects focused on disaster relief, blood donation, disease prevention, and first aid. Example Responsibilities: working with elderly people and small children. Level of Russian: All Levels Accepted

Center for Homeless Children
The Center offers a home to homeless children and helps them reintegrate back into society and normal family life. Example Responsibilities: help children with home tasks, reading for children, leading different activities: handicraft, knitting. Level of Russian: All Levels Accepted

Association of Educational Institutions
The aim of the Association includes consolidating efforts of higher education institutions and academic community members to provide quality development of the national educational space; to assist in implementing programs integrating education with research activities; to develop fundamental and applied research; to examine draft laws, national programs and projects in the sphere of education and science; to develop social partnerships among universities; and to exchange best practices. Example Responsibilities: Translation of documents, participation in local events. Level of Russian: Intermediate and higher language level.

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