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Russian Music!

Click Yulia Savicheva, a long time place holder on Russia's pop charts for more info on Russian music!

Nashe Radio Top 5
snapshot from January 26, 2016

Nashe Radio plays popular music that isn't quite "pop." What's big in Russian-language rock, rap, punk, R&B, and alternative? Nashe Radio's all-Russian and eclectic play list can tell you. Once a month, SRAS provides a snapshot of what's at the top of their charts, with YouTube videos and additional commentary taken from the Russian Popular Music page of our Library.

1. "Живым / В городе, где нет метро" (Alive) - 25/17

Russian Rap-Rock-band 25/17 was founded by Andrey Pozdnuhov (better known under his stage name Bledny, which means “pale” in Russian) in Moscow in 2002. Anton Zavyalov (Ant) joined the band in 2006.  Prior to 2009, the band was known as Ezekiel 25:17 in tribute to the Bible verse from Ezekiel 25:17 quoted by a character in the Quentin Tarantino film Pulp Fiction.


2. "Пропуск" (Pass) - Brainstorm

Brainstorm (Latvian: Prāta Vētra) is currently the most successful Latvian alternative rock / pop-rock band. Formed in the summer of 1989 in Jelgava, Latvia by four classmates, then ages 14-15, this ‘school project’ first went through the names “Blue Ink” and “Latvia’s Five Best Guys” before the drummer’s elderly aunt suggested the name “Brainstorm” or, in Lavian, Prāta Vētra. Born in Latvia which was then part of the giant Soviet Union, they experienced a Soviet upbringing, the battle for a freedom and were part of the first generation to embrace the new possibilities freedom brought. Experiencing these two radical systems has shaped their musical style and perhaps helped lead them to an international outlook. Brainstorm has released albums in Europe and Russia, with songs in Latvian, English, and Russian. In 2000, they took 3rd place among 24 contestants in the 45th Eurovision song contest with song “My Star” which then held a place on many European charts for months afterwards. In 2006, they received the MTV Europe Music award for Best Baltic Act. Another good site to visit to sample their unique music is SoundCloud.


3. "#непорусски" (#notrussian) - АнимациЯ

Russian rock-band “Animatsiya” was founded in Chistopol, the second largest city of Tatarstan Republic, home of famous VOSTOK watch brand of the Soviet Union. The watch factory is no more, but the band just came out with their new album “Время Ё,” which is characteristic of the current time – turbulent, unbearable, non-uniform, easy and strange at the same time.


4. "Прощай" (Good-bye) - Мельница

Melnitsa (Мельница, the Russian for windmill) is a Russian folk rock band. It was founded in 1999 by Natalia "Hellawes" O'Shea and Alexey "Chus" Sapkov. The band fuses Russian, Irish, and other North European folk influences with guitar pop/rock. Natalia "Hellawes" O'Shea, the lead singer and primary songwriter, is an academic and a specialist in medieval European languages and cultures by day. Her expertise lends the typically complex fantasy-laden lyrics a degree of authenticity.


5. "Воздух" (Air) - Сурганова и Оркестр

Surganova i Orkestr, a Russian rock band, was founded in 2003 when Svetlana Surganova (a founder of Night Snipers, another popular Russian band) joined the band Sever Combo. Svetlana Surganova describes band’s style as VIP-Punk-Decadence. Most of band’s songs are written by Svetlana, some are based on the work of famous Russian poets, such as Joseph Brodsky, Nikolay Gumilev, Anna Akhmatova, Marina Tsvetaeva, Osip Mandelstam, as well as modern authors.


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