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Russia's Top 50 Schools
Russia's best universities and institutes

The following information was developed by the Russian news agency Interfax and radio station Echo of Moscow. The study was ordered by the Russian Ministry of Education. The full rating of 104 schools is available here in Russian only.

Note:  An "*" indicates a SRAS partner school.  Click on the name for more information about that university.

Study Abroad
in Russia

Moscow State University is Russia's largest.
Chose a program that's right for you and get on your way to learning!
1.  Lomonsov Moscow State University*
2.  St. Petersburg State University*
3.  Moscow State Physics-technical Institute
4.  Russian University for the Friendship of Peoples (Moscow)
5.  Novosibirsk State University*
6.  Tomsk State University
7.  Moscow State Institute for Engineering and Physics (MIFI)
8.  Moscow National Technical University (MGTU)
9.  St. Petersburg National Politechnic University
10.  Southern Federal University
11.  Sibir Federal University
12.  Kazan State Technological University
13.  Tomsk National Politechnic University
14.  Ural State Technical University (Ural Federal University)
15.  Saratov State University
16.  Russian State Pedagogical University
17.  Kazan (Volga Region) State University
18.  National University of Science and Technology
19.  Kazan State Technical University
20.  Irkutsk State Technical University
21.  Nizhni Novgorod State University
22.  Voronezh State University
23.  Moscow Power Engineering Institute (Technical University)
 Study Abroad
in Russia!

Belgorod State University
25.  Mordovian State University
26.  Perm State University
27.  Petrozavodsk State University
28.  Far Eastern State University
      (Far Eastern National University of Vladivostok*)
29.  Irkutsk State University
30.  South Ural State University
31.  Moscow University of Aerospace Technology
      (Moscow Aviation Institute)
32.  St.Petersburg State University of Information
       Technologies, Mechanics and Optics
33.  Moscow Institute of Electronic Technology
34.  Ural State University
35.  Higher School of Economics National University
36.  Kuban' State University
37.  Russian State University of Oil and Gas
38.  Perm State Technical University
39.  Bashkir State University
40.  Tyumen State University
41.  Moscow State Pedagogical University
42.  Orenburg State University
43.  Omsk State University
44.  Yaroslavl State University
45.  Russian State Medical University
46.  Samara State Aerospace University
47.  Novgorod State University
48.  Moscow State University of Civil Engeneering
49.  Russian State University for the Humanities
50.  The Chuvash State University

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