Russian Studies Abroad (RSA)
Splits Into Two Programs

SRAS' popular Russian Studies Abroad program has split into two more focused programs in Moscow and St Petersburg.

Our Moscow program is rebranded as Diplomacy and International Relations at MGIMO, Russia's premier instruction for those aspiring to international careers, particularly in the foreign service. Here, students can take courses in Russian or English with future leaders from Russia, the former USSR, and across the globe. While the focus of this program is now, of course, diplomacy and international relations, students can still study history, culture, economics, and Russian language as well.

Our St. Petersburg program is now Society, Business, and the Arts. Taking advantage of St. Petersburg's unique role in Russia as both a center for international business and a cultural capital, students can study these three important elements of modern civilization and how they interact with one another. This program should be of particular interest to students of literature, the arts, and international business. Courses are also available on history, culture, and Russian language as well.

SRAS is very excited to see these two programs build on what Russian Studies Abroad began.

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