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In addition to an extensive study abroad program list, SRAS also offers custom programs and research travel services. If you are looking to research abroad or would like to study any subject in any institution of higher education in Russia, Ukraine, or Kyrgyzstan, contact SRAS.

SRAS Research Travel Services seek to lower the barriers of performing archive research abroad by placing SRAS's many years of experience in travel, research, and education at your disposal – whether you are a student, professor, or other professional. This webpage will introduce you briefly to the major issues involved. You may use this information to approach and tackle the problems yourself, or to order services individually from our site as offered, or you can contact SRAS about putting together a custom Research Travel Package to meet your needs.

SRAS Custom Programs are for those students seeking to study abroad as students, visiting scholars, or even looking to apply directly for degree study abroad.

Visas     Learn more and order services
Your first and most important step in going abroad is to obtain an appropriate visa. This process entails first getting an invitation, then applying for the visa, and then registering the visa after your arrival in Russia. Trips of under 90 days are relatively easy to arrange. Trips over 90 days are not as simple, but still possible. SRAS can assist you in obtaining a visa for nearly any state within the former Soviet Union. Contact SRAS for more information.

Russian Archive Access     Learn more
SRAS offers a one-week, crash course into Russian archives. This service also available on demand (cost determined by researcher needs).

Visiting Scholar Package   Apply Now
The SRAS Visiting Scholar Package can be indispensable to those hoping to research longer than a business or tourist visa will allow. SRAS will help place you at a university, where you will take a minimum credit hour load to gain a student visa (the most flexible option for longterm stays. Improve your Russian and/or study politics, history, literature, or almost any other subject that will assist your research!

- Cost for up to 5 months:  $1 475*
- Cost for up to 10 months: $1 975*

*Cost includes: visa, registration, insurance, general in-country support, local orientation, access to SRAS cultural events, and assistance in enrolling for courses. SRAS can also help you to arrange dormitory housing, homestays, locate an academic advisor, purchase tickets for domestic rail and air travel, find a translator and/or guide/advisor to explore archives, and more.
*Cost does not include: tuition, housing, tickets, airfare, advisor or other support fees (see below). Contact SRAS for more information.

Custom Programs   Contact SRAS
Those who don't find what they are looking for on our study abroad programs page can contact us about arranging study in nearly any subject in nearly any location within Russia, Ukraine, or Kyrgyzstan.

Accommodations     Learn more and order services
Those looking to travel to Russia on a budget will find that creativity and early planning can get you far in the world's largest country. Make sure that your housing solution is within your budget and includes visa registration. Your options include hotels, hostels, short-term apartments, homestays, and more.

Language, Archive, and other Support  Contact SRAS
SRAS can arrange translation and archival assistance as well as short-term, informal language tutoring. Contact us, let us know what your needs are, and we'll see if we can help! These services are billed hourly and cost varies by location, but will generally range from $20-35 per hour. Advisor fees generally start at $50 per hour.


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