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SRAS Research Abroad Grant
Russia, Central Asia, and Ukraine
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Who is eligible?  Upperclassmen (juniors and seniors), graduate and postgraduate students in any field of study may apply. The applicant must have a GPA of 3.2 or above and must be enrolled in an academic program based in North America or the European Union when applying. The applicant must also apply for an SRAS educational program of at least six weeks in length.

How much is the grant? Research Abroad Grants are $1000 each. Up to one (1) grant will be given each year. Grants are good for up to one year after they are awarded.

What can this grant be used for?  The grant is applied toward the recipient's SRAS account as partial payment of the required SRAS educational program and any optional research services requested. On the basis of that educational program, SRAS will assist the student in obtaining the proper visa and affordable housing, obtaining health insurance, and gaining official Russian university affiliation (needed to gain access to many archives. Optional research services can assist in locating translators and experts in the field, navigating archives, etc.). In addition, depending on the program chosen, it will provide lessons in language and other subjects. 

What do I need to do if I get the grant? Recipients must submit a mid-semester research evaluation describing what has been accomplished, what problems have been encountered, and what the recipient is doing to overcome those issues. This report may be in the form of an informal email. Also, the research must conclude in a research paper not less than 15 pages in length which explores the topics proposed by the student in his/her research proposal. This paper should be submitted to SRAS no less than 45 days after the end of the research abroad period. This paper may be published as part of Vestnik, the Journal of Russian and Asian Studies, or as part of a supplemental issue to Vestnik (depending on the length of the paper).

How do I apply? All applicants must complete the downloadable grant application.  All applicants must also apply for an SRAS program of at least six weeks in durration. As part of the application, select "SRAS Research Abroad Grants" as one of your chosen programs. Upload your research proposal under the "Essay" field.  Any applicant planning to spend less than ten weeks researching must additionally indicate in their materials what archives they plan to visit and what materials will be requested at each archive (or, if archives will not be used, what research methods will be used and how they will be implemented). Follow any other instructions requested on the application. 

In addition, applicants must email the following materials to Josh Wilson, SRAS Assistant Director, at

  1. Grant Application;
  2. A copy of your research proposal (see the application above);
  3. A curriculum vitae (listing professional and academic experience);
  4. Two writing samples of more than 15 pages (preferably related to your research or, at minimum, to a field of Russia-related study);

DEADLINES are listed on our
funding cycles page.

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