Sophia Rehm 
Receives Vestnik Jury Award

For Immediate Release

Vestnik---placeholderThe School of Russian and Asian Studies congratulates Sophia Rehm as the recipient of the $200 Jury Award from Vestnik, The Journal of Russian and Asian Studies for our 15th issue.

Vestnik encourages students to study any subject related to the countries of the former Soviet Union. Vestnik also encourages students to develop original ideas on their subject matter and to back those ideas with solid arguments and evidence drawn from original research.

In her work entitled “Worlds within Words: A Translation of Sigizmund Krzhizhanovsky's 'The Rosary'" Ms. Rehm provides an original, professional-quality translation of a literary work which, we hope, will now be able to receive wider attention from English-speaking scholars and enthusiasts. Ms. Rehm also offers an introduction to the story detailing the challenges inherent in the art and science of translation – providing insight into what has become one of the world's fastest-growing and most important professions. We hope this might inspire other young people to seriously study this promising craft - which requires deep cultural knowledge, technical skill, high creativity, and fluency in the nuances and expression of both the target and original languages.

The Vestnik Editorial Board applauds Sophia Rehm, a recent graduate from the University of Chicago with a BA in Russian Language and Literature, for producing an accurate, creative, and highly readable translation as well as for sharing her insights into how such a text is created.

The board would also like to award an honorable mention to Anya Corke, whose work "Competing Conceptions of the Good Life in Anna Karenina" represents a tightly argued and fascinating look at Tolstoy's classic work. We would also like to recognize Helen Lilley, whose "Nationalism as a Political Factor in Late-Soviet Kazakhstan" is a commendable and sweeping work utilizing primary sources from a wide array of authors writing in both English and Russian.

The board also thanks the other contributors of this 15th issue of Vestnik, Alana Holland,David Galick, and Molly Porter, for their exceptional research and their hard work in working with the board and each other to revise and improve their papers to create this issue of Vestnik, The Journal of Russian and Asian Studies.

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