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Summer Study Abroad: Update on Recent Diplomatic Events

SRAS Announces Special Moscow-St.Petersburg Summer RSL Program for 2018

Summer Study Abroad: Important Updates

The State of Study Abroad in Russia

Russian Studies Abroad (RSA) Splits Into Two Programs

Join SRAS at NAFSA and Forum

SRAS and SPBGIKIT Language Partnership: The Year in Review

SRAS Site Visit to Irkutsk

Summer Programs Abroad - 2018

Travel Alert for Russian Cities: May 25 - July 25, 2018

Scholarships Available!

Stetson University and SRAS Announce New Partnership

Call for Papers: Vestnik!


The SRAS Newsletter
A Resource for Students, Educators, and Anyone Curious about Russia 

  0006943w Flowers at the US Embassy in Moscow - Sept 13, 2001. Photo from the personal blog of Ambassador Beyrle.

Добро пожаловать!

As you get settled into the day-to-day work of another semester, it is important not to lose sight of the greater importance of education. While Congress looks to slash the deficit, education is finding itself on the chopping block. Meanwhile, US Secretaries of State former and current, the Secretary of Defense, Director of the CIA, and even business leaders are increasingly complaining that there are not enough Americans proficient in foreign language to keep the American government, military, security agencies, and business moving forward in an increasingly globalized world.

Deadlines for next semester's study abroad programs are coming up October 15. Take the chance to move ahead, the chance to expand your perceptions and your knowledge of the world, and the chance to better prepare yourself for the future.

This month's back-to-school edition of the SRAS newsletter offers lots of information on these programs, on the unmet demand for foreign languages in the US, and lots and lots on Russian culture, language, politics, and more!

In this month's newsletter:

- Featured Articles       -  Koroche!        - Programs and Funding! 
- Books         - Language and Culture       -  Primary Documents

$200 Jury Award for Your Research!
Vestnik, the world's first online journal focused on showcasing student research on Eurasia, invites papers written by undergraduates, graduates, and postgraduates on any subject related Russia and the states of the former Soviet Union.


All Moscow's Bribes
Bribery occurs in maternity clinics, kindergartens, grade and high schools, colleges and universities, passport offices, hospitals, military conscription boards, police departments, courts, and even cemeteries.

Russian Literature in Kyrgyzstan
Everything you ever wanted to know about modern Russian-language literature in Kyrgyzstan.

Politics in Translation: How to Become a Communist
The Communist Party of the Russian Federation (CPRF) is generally acknowledged as being the successor to the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (CPSU), which had ruled the USSR until 1991.

- Speech of the Party Leader at the Congress of Right Cause
- Translate Abroad Internships


Russian Studies Abroad
Russian Studies Abroad provides a broad educational foundation for students planning a professional career with ties to Russia.

Journey through Russian Folk Belief & Song
Professor David J. Galloway Hobart of William Smith Colleges heads to Russia's frozen north to record the culture there.

St. Basil's Cathedral:  Virtual Tour! 
The Cathedral of the Intercession of Our Lady on the Moat (its original name) was erected in 1555-1561 on the order of Tsar Ivan IV the Terrible near Spassky Gate of the Kremlin.

MiniLesson: Гостиницы в России, part 2
Some basic phrases for checking in and staying in a hotel in Russia.

MiniLesson: Bribes - Взятки
Bribery and corruption is often cited as one of biggest impediments to doing business in Russia. However, bribery can be a part of everyday life for  Russian citizens and migrants to Russia as well.

 Study Abroad
in Russia!


- SRAS Student Blogs Odessa
- Russian Unis More Attractive to Foreign Students

- Old Rus' Medieval Fair (video)
- Energy Sucking Aliens Invade Moscow! (video)
- Why Do Russians Hate Ice?
- American Kids Immersed in Chinese, Asian Education
- Record-breaking Lasers for Moscow Day (video)

- Kороче -

- Featured Programs and Locations -

Moscow Students' Guide
Everything to know about staying awhile.

SRAS's New Posters Published
SRAS is pleased to announce the publication of three new posters on why and how you can study abroad in Russia, Central Asia, or Ukraine!

NGO and Cultural Internships
Russian NGOs, museums, and theaters can offer students fantastic internship opportunities.

Report from Abroad Internships
Report from Abroad is for journalism students looking to jumpstart their careers.

Central Asian Studies
You'll gain a wider, fuller, first-hand perspective on geopolitics and foreign relations for your future in government, business, or academia.

- Alumni Rewards and Student Initiatives
- Why It's Smart to Be Bilingual
- DOD: Language Training Critical to U.S. Interests
- Language Boot Camp Draws High Schoolers to North Georgia
- Eurasia Program Fellowships
- Language Cuts Endanger U.S.

 Never Too Many Books!
97172403New English-language
tales from Solzhenitsyn
400000000000000345917_s4Central Asia: A pivot
for world history
51nAq0OFKzL._SL500_AA300_Made in Russia:
Soviet Design

Primary Documents for  Russia

SRAS Travel
Services for Scholars
SRAS Travel Services -  Russia Your Way

The МВД Tube
Russia's Interior Ministry - which runs Russia's police force and is probably Russia's least trusted and least liked Ministry - has launched a YouTube channel as part of a PR campaign to boost their image.

USSR - 20 years later
It's two decades since the USSR broke up. But what happened to those Soviet countries?

A Metro of the Future
A map of the extensive development awaiting Moscow's subway in the near future.

Moscow to Grow to 2.5x its Current Size
This map, only in Russian, shows Moscow's growth from a tiny military outpost in the 14th century to its soon-to-be-completed massive expansion that will add another Moscow-and-a-half to its territory.

Bolshoi Theatre Archives Reveal Lives of Musicians
The death of a tyrant, abduction by the secret police and insight into the minds of some of the greatest composers in history are all part of the details that Russia's Bolshoi Theatre have discovered in the margins of the centuries-old sheet music in its archives.

Medvedev's Address to the Global Policy Forum
This forum, like all other forums of this kind, is first and foremost an attempt to better hear one another, to understand one another. And our forum is another manifestation of diversity in our thinking. That is precisely why humanity has new opportunities. In any case, I am convinced of this.

Poll: Putin Presidential Front-Runner Among Russian Liberals
"Friend" us on Facebook to read this fascinating article!

Unearthing a Lost Russian city
Archaeologists have unearthed evidence of a lost Russian city in the countryside near Tula.

Then and Now: Purchasing Power
While some yearn for a return to the times of cheap foodstuffs and fixed wages, a new study shows Russians are much better off materially now than 20 years ago.

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Flowers at the US Embassy in Moscow - Sept 13, 2001

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