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SRAS Projects

The School of Russian and Asian Studies (SRAS) offers a range of study abroad programs. We also host several not-for-profit initiatives, listed below as the "SRAS Projects."

SRAS Projects are designed to fulfill multiple objectives: to inform about today's Russia and Eurasia in multiple fields (politics, arts, science, pop-culture, economy, etc.); to build the reader's Russian language skills; to enable educators to advocate, promote, and diversify their programs; and to excite and encourage students to study Russian and the countries of Eurasia. Whenever possible, our resources strive to fulfill all functions at once.


youtube serves as a platform for discussing history and current events within the grounded context of geography, economics, and public opinion. PopkultV2_sq PopKult covers the popular cultures of Eurasia, providing short introductions to to popular singers, movies, tv shows, cartoons, and even popular local foods.
MSALogoSmall Museum Studies Abroad explores the museums, high culture, and public spaces of Eurasia and the roles they play in Eurasian societies. Students-Abroad---Projects-Students Abroad covers study, travel, and volunteering abroad as well as the resume-building applications that those activities afford.  

SRAS free monthly newsletterNewsletter
A free monthly publication delivering all new material on our site for the month: articles and interviews, news and analysis, the Russian pop charts, and free Russian lessons.

Vestnik, The Journal of Russian and Asian StudiesVestnik, The Journal of Russian and Asian Studies
An academic journal publishing the best of student research on subjects relevant to Russia or Eurasia.



Politics in TranslationPolitics in Translation
Presents Russian political platforms and other documents in (usually) side-by-side translation. Build advanced vocabulary skills, and study Russian political parties and political rhetoric.

Powered by Translation Abroad and volunteer student efforts.

Status: Updated sporadically
Volunteer: translators and writers needed; see project home for more info.

Student Guide to RussiaStudent Guide 
A three part guide about:

1) Visas, health and safety, budgets, travel, packing, communications and more.

2) Food, entertainment, and transport in several major Eurasian cities.

3) Histories and articles covering everything from from Kiev to Vladivostok.

Status: Updated regularly
Volunteer: writers and contributors welcomed; contact the editor for more info.

The Library on Russia and Eurasia The Library  
Find out more about almost anything related to Russia and Eurasia with annotated lists of the best online resources we've found.

Current entries include politics, religion, pop music, language, art, the press, and more.

Status: Updated sporadically
Volunteer: writers and contributors welcomed; contact the editor for more info.

Free Russian TestingTesting 
Free TORFL practice exams, as well as verbs of motion, grammar and vocabulary quizzes.

Educators may make special accounts to track how their students do.

Status: Updated sporadically
Volunteer: educator comments and contributions welcomed - contact us.

Educator ResourcesEducator Resources
Ideas on how to market Russian programs, increase program practicality, advocate to university administration, increase and keep enrollments.

Note that SRAS also offers faculty-led program services.

Status: Updated and reorganized - 2015.
Volunteer: comments and contributions welcomed - contact us.

SRAS Eurasian CookbookEurasian Cookbook
Offers recipes from Eurasian countries as well as information about their history and associated culture.

Doubles as a language lesson with words and phrases associated with preparing and enjoying these dishes provided in Russian and English.

Status: Updated regularly
Volunteer: writers and contributors welcomed; contact the editor for more info.

Free Russian Lessons MiniLessons
Short texts describing various aspects of modern Russian life in English with Russian vocabulary and phrases worked in to help build vocabulary on those subjects.

Texts focus on such topics as religion, folklore, business, humor, childbirth, love, and the military.

Status: Updated regularly
Volunteer: writers and contributors welcomed; contact the editor for more info.