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Russian Foreign Affairs in the News, February, 2017

How the News is Reported in Russia, February, 2017

The State of Study Abroad in Russia

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Call for Papers: Vestnik!

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Security and Society
All levels

This wide-ranging course allows students to chose from courses in history, Jewish studies, security, political science, sociology, and more. Semester courses offer a particular focus on today's security issues (cybersecurity, information warfare, etc.)

Available: Fall, Spring, Year, Summer
Funding: Braver Grant
Intermediate to advanced

Get paid to get out and get active!

Available: Fall, Spring, Summer
Funding: Research Abroad Grant
Intermediate to advanced

The grant awards $1000 to one upperclassman or graduate student per year to conduct research in Russia, Kyrgyzstan, or Ukraine.

Available: Fall, Spring, Year, Summer