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Electronic Tests for Students of Russian Developed by SRAS

SRAS Online Testing Center
for Students of Russian

The SRAS online testing center is a free resource to help students gauge and practice their Russian skills. Grammar and reading sections of the "Elementary" and "Basic" Russian levels as well as a test covering the troublesome verbs of motion and practice tests for the Level I of Test of Russian as a Foreign Language (TORFL)* have been loaded.

Educators can use this online tool to evaluate their students. Evaluator accounts will automatically compile and calculate test scores from student accounts that have linked to them. Please note that we will ask evaluators to verify which institution they are affiliated with before they can gain access to the evaluator functions. These are intended only for educational professionals.

We will announce future updates to this resource in our newsletter (click "subscribe" as you sign up to use this testing center below for a free subscription).

Create a Student Account** 

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Create an Evaluator Account***

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*These are not the actual tests themselves but sample practice tests based on them.

**Student Accounts: Terms and Conditions 
First and foremost, this testing center is for you to test your own knowledge. If you are planning advanced studies in Russia, you will have a reasonable measure of the language training necessary to successfully embark on those studies. We will also be using it for more accurate evaluation of candidates for many of our study abroad programs. To use our online tests as a student you must create a student account. Once you have done so, use your login and password on the login page to return to the testing center.

***Evaluator Accounts: Terms and Conditions
To use our online tests as an Educator you must create an evaluator account and agree to the following:

  • Students you wish to evaluate must register and login individually online via the student interface. Once registered, they can select you as an evaluator so that you are able to view their scores. You will see the scores, times, and tests of all students who have selected you as an evaluator.
  • The tests must be used online - i.e. not copied onto other systems or hard copy. The copyright to these tests is shared by SRAS and other organizations who participated in their development.
  • If it appears that there is no activity on your account for a very extended period of time we may turn off your access as an evaluator. This is solely to keep the list of evaluators manageable for students who much select from a drop-down list. You may always contact us to have it re-activated.

Looking for ways to increase enrollment in Russian language studies? Leading short trips to Russia is a great way to inspire prospective majors and minors, especially if your itinerary is of interest to larger departments such as political science or business. Contact us about short seminars and educational tours to Russia!

 - About the Testing Center -

This testing system (and the site in general) is optimized for IE 5.0 and higher, Netscape 6.0, Opera 7.0 and higher, and Mozilla 1.3 and higher.

We welcome comments, questions, and suggestions from students and educators as we develop our online testing center further. Write to