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NovaMova offers a modern facility in Kiev for semester or summer study and a location in Batumi, Georgia for summer programs.

Kiev is particularly well suited to anyone wanting to learn more about Eastern Europe's complicated post-Soviet politics and what the local government, Russia, and the West are doing to resolve post-Soviet conflicts. This ancient city is literally where Ukraine's two halves, one side facing Russia and the other facing Europe, come to together.

Batumi is a seaside resort city (Black Sea), attracting visitors from all over the former Soviet Union and as such Russian is indeed the lingua franca.

NovaMova International Language School was founded in 2001 by friends and dedicated linguists Gela Turabelidze and Andriy Kononenko. the has grown to become the top Russian language training institute in Kiev. With an extensive selection of Russian language programs from beginner to advanced levels, NovaMova also boasts some of the most creative social programs of all the language schools in Ukraine. The name “NovaMova” comes from Ukrainian. The two words mean literally “New Language”.

NovaMova is situated in downtown Kiev, Ukraine, within walking distance of the historical center, near the Golden Gate, Sofia Cathedral, and other must-see sights in the city. It's easily accessible by public transportation – a few minutes walk from metro stop "Zoloti Vorota" (which means "Golden Gate") on the green line. For more information about the Batumi location, contact us.

Campus/Student Life
NovaMova has a close-knit community feel, and you’ll find plenty of activities to participate in while there, including a weekly movie night (films in Russian with English subtitles) with discussions before and after the movie to help with cultural understanding and colloquial vocabulary. There is also a Russian-speaking club, Russian cooking club, Russian football club, discussions with guest speakers who are experts in politics, economics, history, and other subjects, and excursions almost every weekend.

Shared Apartments
Such apartments can be shared between two or three students. In addition to being a less-expensive option than a home stay, it offers a great opportunity to get to know your peers. Students have their own rooms and share kitchen and bathroom. All apartments are privately owned, fully furnished, and have bedding provided.

Home Stay
Living with a host family can be one of the most rewarding and interesting aspects of your visit to Kiev. Students who stay with our Russian-speaking host families have the opportunity to become better acquainted with the culture and have a bit of extra help with daily needs. By sharing a bit of your life with these hospitable people, you may build friendships that can last a lifetime.

Local Support at NovaMova
NovaMova’s staff is always available, including by cell phone, to answer any questions, discuss any concerns, or help in the event of emergency. All arriving students on SRAS programs are given orientation information covering NovaMova and Kiev, including how to use Kiev’s public transportation system, and where to find food and other necessities. Upon enrolling with SRAS, students receive a detailed guide with specific information on where to find the facilities and food outlined below and much more.

School Facilities
The school has 12 classrooms, a kitchen, a library with Internet access, a movie theater with an overhead projector and Dolby Surround sound, a language lab equipped with workstations and computers so you can comfortably work on homework, do listening assignments and take advantage of other linguistic resources.

Campus/Near-Campus Food
There are free refreshments (coffee and tea) on every floor of the school. On the third floor of Yaroslaviv Val 14V there is a kitchen where students are welcome to heat up or cook their own food and eat lunch in the company of the NovaMova staff.

Nearby Attractions
All programs include excursions (see the individual program pages for details). NovaMova is situated within walking distance of the historical center of Kiev, where you'll find the Golden Gate, which for many centuries served as the main entrance to Kiev; the St. Sophia Cathedral, the most ancient of all cathedrals in Kiev, built by the Greeks during the Byzantine Empire in 1037 under Yaroslav the Wise's rule; and Andreivsky Hill - a favorite street of most people from Kiev. Andreivsky Hill is a traditional gathering place of artists, musicians, souvenir dealers, and more.

Summary: Pros and Cons
Pros: lots of organized activities to participate in, including a weekly movie night, guest speakers, a Russian-speaking club, optional trips to other cities in Ukraine; peer tutoring available; easy Internet access; language lab to do homework; library with language learning resources; friendly academic atmosphere.

Cons: NovaMova is a private language school, so you’ll be around a lot of other Westerners learning Russian, which may make it more difficult to fully immerse (home stays help!).

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