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Russia: Special Registration Regime in Effect

SRAS Photo Contest Gets Social Media and Prize Upgrades

Russia on the Ground - March, 2017

Russian Foreign Affairs in the News, March, 2017

Stetson University and SRAS Announce New Partnership

Extended Deadlines for Summer, 2017

How the News is Reported in Russia, March, 2017

The State of Study Abroad in Russia

Scholarships Available!

Call for Papers: Vestnik!


The SRAS Newsletter
A Resource for Students, Educators, and Anyone Curious about Russia

 A very cold Red Square from 2005
The snowy banks of Lake Baikal in Siberia as seen in February, 2009. Photo by SRAS student Hannah Wilcox.

Welcome from SRAS!

Popular culture, translation, and Central Asia are our features this month. Find new articles and books on Central Asia, articles on the changing status of translation in academic and professional spheres, and a new addition to our newsletter - music and films! Listen to today's hits on Russia's airwaves and see what's big on Russia's silver screens in our revised obzori section! And don't miss this month's primary documents, focusing on Russia's new military doctrine and NATO's response to it.

Nearly all of our summer programs are still open for enrolment - but not for long! Deadlines are final for our early summer programs on March 31st.

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Kyrgyz Focus

Russian Studies

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The Arts in Russia

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Deadlines for Summer 
2010 EXTENDED to March 31!


Kyrgyzstan, A Love Story, Part II
Genevieve Gunow spent the spring semester of 2008 in Kyrgyzstan with SRAS where she studied Kyrgyz - and married her Kyrgyz fiance. Now living in America, she details some of the culture shock and other issues her husband and his visiting family have had in America.

Books on Central Asia
SRAS asked Dr. Eugene Huskey, an expert on Central Asia as well as the Director of Stetson University's Russian Studies Program and a professor of political science, for his favorite books on Central Asia.

Kyrgyzstan Plays Hollywood!
Hear Kyrgyz musicians from a Bishkek folk theater "jamming" with traditional Kyrgyz folk instruments in Los Angeles! For more information see our "Kyrgyz World Report" in "v korche" below.

The Talking Kyrgyz Phrasebook
Kyrgyzstan's Energy Alternatives
Toronto Studies in Central and Inner Asia


  Summer Tourism!    A Cultural Tour of Russia    Tour of the Volga Heartland

There are more programs and funding than you think for study abroad in Russia!
Jump into
Siberian Studies!
Picture by SRAS student
M. Sliwinsky.

Kyrgyz Summer Adventure
Three weeks of intensive Kyrgyz and/or Russian language training is followed by one week on horseback, touring the countryside and practicing the language.

Braver Grant Deadline Extended
$500 is available for SRAS programs for Summer, 2010! The deadline has been extended to March 31, along with deadlines for our programs.

Siberian Studies
Siberian Studies combines academic courses with a hands-on internship to give students a broad understanding of the issues affecting Siberia, the history behind them, and what local Russians think about them.

  Open Cycles: Scholarships and Grants
  US Global Competence - Keep the US globally competitive
  Desire to Learn Russian Heating Up Again
  US Enrolment for College Russian Courses: 2009 Numbers 

Translation in Russia!
Study Translation
in Moscow

Demand Grows for Niche Translators
Demand for translators is expected to grow by 15% in the coming year as globalization, wars and the green movement spur demand.

Translation Renaissance
"Translation rewrites a foreign text in terms that are intelligible and interesting to readers in the receiving culture. Doing so is akin to committing an act of ethnocentric violence..."

Translation Takes Center Stage 
Translation is rarely the focus of attention. This year's annual meeting of the MLA attempted to change that.

   Translation Work-Study in Moscow!
   "Getting it Right" from the American Translators' Association.
   Translator Robert Chandler discusses his latest project...

- короче -

"koroche" is a revised version of our regular obzori - designed to give you an even wider, quicker look at modern life in Russia as well as Russian politics, economy, civil society, media, and more.

MTV Russian Top 5
snapshot from 2/28
Pop, Dance, R&B, etc.

  1. «Легко ли быть молодым» -
  2. «Модный танец Арам-Зам-Зам» - Дискотека Авария
  3. «Станция туман» - Женя Мильковский
  4. «На радиоволнах» - МакSим
  5. «Между небом и землей» - DJ Smash feat. Shahzoda

Nashe Radio Top 5
snapshot from 2/28
Pop, Rock, Folk, etc.

  1. «Танец злобного гения» - Король и Шут 
  2. «Письмо» - Сплин
  3. «Письмо» - Максим Леонидов
  4. «Брошенный Богом мир» - Машина Времени
  5. «Я так хочу» - Океан Ельзи
    More on Russian music!

Media Monitoring

TV Reporting
Newspaper Reporting
Kyrgyz Newspaper Reporting


Politics & Society
 Foreign Policy
Russian Business

Top Movies in Russia
by weekend box office take
totals for February

  1. Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief - $4.95 million
  2. Avatar - $4.5 million
  3. Мы из Будущего 2 - $4.4 million - Details
  4. Кандагар - $4.38 million - Details
  5. Любовь в Большом Городе 2 - $4.1 million - Details

Primary Documents for Russia

Planning on Researching Abroad?
SRAS Travel
Services for Scholars
SRAS Travel Services - Russia Your Way
SRAS Guide to Primary Doc. Websites and Russian Archives
Click the entrence to RGASPI for more about Russian archives and primary document research!
The Trans-Sib from Google!
Listen to War and Peace or Russian radio while watching the transiberian go by window on Google maps. They actually have video coverage of the whole trip!

Dimitry Rogozin on Twitter
Russia's outspoken Ambassador to NATO is making waves on Twitter.

21st-Century Russia
The report recently released in English, a think tank close to President Medvedev has made a stir with its report that advises Russia to join NATO and the EU, reduce its military, reintroduce gubernatorial elections and four-year presidential terms and disband its Interior Ministry and Federal Security Service.

US Energy Diplomacy in Eurasia
"Our job is to listen…to play a facilitating role," said Ambassador Richard L. Morningstar, the U.S. Department of State’s special envoy for Eurasian energy.

NATO on Russian Military Doctrine
Keir Giles, a leading independent analyst specialising in Russian military and security affairs, reviews the recently published Russian Military Doctrine.

Military Doctrine of the Russian Federation
The full document, now in English, as approved by presidential decree.

Forbe's Billionaire List
The number of billionaires in Russia has doubled.

US Human Rights Report
Russia scores poorly again. Its foreign ministry has already released its annual rejection of the report.

If you have views or material you would like to contribute to the newsletter, please contact us. To subscribe to this free newsletter, send an email with "Subscribe SRAS" in the subject field to

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