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Russia: Special Registration Regime in Effect

SRAS Photo Contest Gets Social Media and Prize Upgrades

Russia on the Ground - March, 2017

Russian Foreign Affairs in the News, March, 2017

Stetson University and SRAS Announce New Partnership

Extended Deadlines for Summer, 2017

How the News is Reported in Russia, March, 2017

The State of Study Abroad in Russia

Scholarships Available!

Call for Papers: Vestnik!


The SRAS Newsletter
A Resource for Students, Educators, and Anyone Curious about Russia

A rock concert event hosted by Red Bull, Russia, in Moscow, 2007
The scene above is from a concert sponsored by Red Bull Russia and MC-ed
by a popular VJ from MTV Russia. Called "Sound Clash," it featured two bands playing in alternating sets: one rock band, the other hip-hop. The event was held inside a new art complex recently
converted from an abandoned wine factory.

Welcome from SRAS!
As Orthodox Easter has just passed with its traditions of church services, hard-boiled eggs and куличи (Easter cakes), we are reminded at how quickly modern culture in Russia is changing. Much of this is being driven by economics - more money for more Russians had led to more diverse products, changing skylines, and altered attitudes toward life. For example, the Russian car market grew by nearly 34% last year and will be Europe's largest by the end of this year - placing thousands of more mobile Russians on the roads. In Moscow, old buildings are torn down and new buildings take their place nearly every day - which has led Goldman Sachs to announce that it will invest two billion dollars into construction and real estate in Russia. Russians are earning more and spending more - meaning that there is more demand for things such as rock concerts, films, CDs, and clubs. Their increased economic stability has also emboldened many Russians to demand more from their employers and work places, which are another integral part of modern culture.

This month's newsletter takes a detailed look at several diverse areas of modern Russian life and the culture that is growing from it: from work to art to politics. We examine the artistic fields of dance and music. We question an entrepreneur about the growth of IT outsourcing, and the promising careers it is offering to young Russian programmers. Finally, we present another installment of Zhirinovsky's manifesto, which looks at a darker direction that cultural change has taken inside Russia - towards nationalism.

If you have views or material you would like to contribute to the newsletter, please contact us. To subscribe to this free newsletter, send an email with "Subscribe SRAS" in the subject field to

Deadlines are upon us!News and Announcements

May 1st is the deadline for applying to Fall programs! Apply today for our Russian as a Second Language programs or our Feature Study Abroad to study Russian plus politics, literature, ecology, history, and more! 

Fall awards for the Charles Braver Language Exploration Grant and the SRAS Work Study Program are due on May 8th. Get your applications in today!

The SRAS Newsletter will be offering "mini-newsletters" this summer. We will continue to offer our news services as well as some new language resources and the occasional article, but will be concentrating this summer on performing site maintenance (and taking some time off).

German programs may be cut. Despite healthy enrolments, German programs are facing cuts. There may be implications for other college language programs, including Russian programs.  

European University Reopened! The first rector of the European University has warned that private educational organizations can get buried in red tape if they do not toe the political line of the state.


Обзоры: Learn About Russia and Eurasia through the News

These news reviews strive to paint an accurate and balanced picture of life in Russia and to deliver information on important events affecting Eurasia that do not receive heavy coverage in the Western news.

    How Russians Live
    How Russians live, earn, spend, study, relax, and worship.
  • Russian Politics in Review
    Putin will lead United Russia, Medvedev will not join United Russia, the Communists make some noise, Other Russia still divided to be effective.
  • How the News is Reported in Russia
    A look at how major channels covered major events.
  • Eurasia - News from Central Asia and Eastern Europe
    Ukraine and Georgia turned down for NATO; America caught spying in Belarus; Turkmenistan's gas for Russia or EU?   
  • Russian Business and Economy
    This obzor was published in the most recent USRCCNE newsletter. This month's big news: Pepsi will invest another billion in Russia - this time in the juice market.

Russia-Related events in:


 DC, 2; HI; IN;

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 OH; PA, 2

More Cultural Events
in the US


Modern Russian Culture - (Dancer Tatiyana Gordeeva featured)Moscow's Modern Dance Movements
Jennifer Petrie, as part of her SRAS-assisted Independent Study in Moscow, dived into Moscow's modern dance scene. She has contributed this summary of some of the artists she encountered as well as the dance courses available in Moscow.

A Brief History of Russian Shanson
Shanson is a uniquely Russian musical genre. Although it has long been fairly controversial both in Russia and out, its popularity does not seem to be waning.

Russian Popular Music
This popular Library entry has been updated with a new entry on Russian shanson.

Nationalism in Modern Russia
This ongoing series focuses on the politics of the LDPR, a party positioned to capture the nationalist vote in Russia. This update presents another large portion of V.V. Zhirinovsky's manifesto in English translation.

Russian IT on the World Market
Russian IT outsourcing has grown from nothing in 1990 to a 2.5 billion industry today. It's offering good jobs to Russia's well-educated population and is offering hope as one avenue for Russian economic diversification.

Russian Studies Semester
Submerge yourself in the language, history, current events, culture and the arts, economy, and politics of Russia and the former Soviet Union.


Scholarships and Grants
An updated list of current Russia-related scholarship cycles. 


Is Russia Entering the Post-Putin Era? (Streaming video)
Kennan Institute recently hosted Thomas Graham, senior director, Kissinger Associates, and former special assistant to the president and senior director for Russian affairs, National Security Council.

Vitaly Churkin, Russian Ambassador to the UN  (Streaming video)
Charlie Rose recently interviewed the ambassador on issues of US-Russia Relations.

Hands-on Politics in St. Petersburg (Professor-led tour)
Connecticut College recently offered its first professor-led tour to Russia. SRAS helped make it possible for fourteen students to take on an eventful eight-day tour, led by Professor Andrea Lanoux.


Pikovaya Dama - Language Resources from SRASBilingual History Lessons 
Meeting of Frontiers is a bilingual, multimedia English-Russian digital library that tells the stories of American and Russian Expansion, that would eventually meet at the Bering Strait.

Olga's Blog: Killing Time
How do Russian students (and other Russians) "kill time?" This month, Olga teaches us a popular Russian card game and gives us an interesting lesson in morality in Russia.   

Комеди Клаб
Advanced students may find this resource useful. It offers comedy sketches featured on a popular Russian TV show. Many are highly unorthodox, both in their use of language and in their view of historical characters and politics.

Crime and Punishment - Преступление и наказание 
This month's Russian Mini-Lesson takes you inside the Russian criminal justice system.

Russian as a Second Language
The best way to learn Russian? Study abroad!

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