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They're great . . . and I feature them in a prominent place right outside my office door. Thanks again,

Ronald D. LeBlanc
Professor of Russian and Humanities
University of New Hampshire Durham


Last year you sent me a couple of them and I used them as awards for my students throughout the winter semester. They enjoyed them immensely and were proud to be given one. And thank you for this year calendars - 2 of them already found a great application - During The Game Night of the BGSU Russian Club we played a Russified version of Jeopardy! with the following rubrics - language, literature, holidays, omens, and superstitions. The winning team's top players got  a SRAS calendar and they liked their prize very much!

Mila Shevchenko
Faculty Member, PhD Department of German, Russian, and East Asian Languages
Bowling Green State University


Please send me one of your calendars--I loved last year's and want to continue the tradition!

John Givens
Associate Professor of Russian
University of Rochester
[Addition:] I love this year's calendar, too! It's a great way to get our students to picture themselves in Russia.


We got lots of comments on the [2009 calendar] which hangs on our Russian Club bulletin board for all to see.  !  We love the calendar especially because it is comprised of student work. It's great that the students have yet another outlet to share their experience in Russia.  And they come up with some pretty profound things, don't they? And thanks!

Cynthia A. Ruder
Associate Professor
University of Kentucky


YES! I'd love to get another copy of the calendar: we pinned it up on the Russian section bulletin board, and everyone enjoys looking at the pictures. Thanks very much for making these available.

Sibelan Forrester
Professor & Chair Russian/Modern Languages and Literatures
Swarthmore College


I've had one of your beautiful calendars in my office for the last few years and would love another if I am within the first 300 respondees.

Meredith Clason


I'd love an SRAS calendar - I've always got one hanging in my office here! 

Dr. Nicole Monnier
Assistant Teaching Professor of Russian
University of Missouri


Oh, it’s great.  I was wondering how fast first 300 people will contact you.  Thank you for promoting this. 

Marsha Shisman,
Office Manager
Jewish Healthcare Foundation


The 2009 calendar is a real winner. Hope I'm in time to get one for 2010!

Mr. Kim Braithwaite
[Addition:] And let me add that the 2010 calendar is another winner.


Could we here at Lawrence University get one of those fine calendars?  We have last year's on the wall, so there is a place all ready for the new one. Thanks!

Peter Thomas
Assistant Professor of Russian Studies
Lawrence University


I have loved my 2009 calendar and have used it every day. I would love a 2010 copy too, please.

Liv Bliss
ATA-Certified Russian to English Translator


The variety of photos in the calendar was great for use in my advanced Russian class.  Students had to summarize the picture and narrative in Russian, then do an oral presentation on a related topic, so this proved to be a great classroom resource!

Natasha Kolchevska
Chair, Professor of Russian
University of New Mexico


I received my SRAS calendar last week--thank you! It's a lovely issue--I'm very impressed by this year's photos and stories.

Lynne Ikach
Professor of Russian
Department of Classical and Modern Languages


We will appreciate as many calendars as you can send us. I find it an excellent way to boost my students' interest in the Russian program in general and studies in Russia, in particular.

Olia Prokopenko,
Russian Program Coordinator
Temple University
[Comment about the 2007 calendar:]
I have just received your calendar, and I cannot thank you enough! It is so fresh and original, even the pictures of Moscow's  and Petersburg's famous sights. I cannot wait to show your calendar to my students on Monday! Many, many thanks!

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