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Summer Study Abroad: Update on Recent Diplomatic Events

SRAS Announces Special Moscow-St.Petersburg Summer RSL Program for 2018

Summer Study Abroad: Important Updates

The State of Study Abroad in Russia

Russian Studies Abroad (RSA) Splits Into Two Programs

Join SRAS at NAFSA and Forum

SRAS and SPBGIKIT Language Partnership: The Year in Review

SRAS Site Visit to Irkutsk

Summer Programs Abroad - 2018

Travel Alert for Russian Cities: May 25 - July 25, 2018

Scholarships Available!

Stetson University and SRAS Announce New Partnership

Call for Papers: Vestnik!


The SRAS Newsletter
A Resource for Students, Educators, and Anyone Curious about Eurasia

  CA ad Join SRAS in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan this fall or next summer for a fascinating look at a little-understood but important part of the globe!

Summer is coming and lots of fascinating books about Eurasia have been recently released! Stock up for your summer reading from the considerable list we've provided below (and it includes one translated by an SRAS grad!).

SRAS is still accepting applications for the following summer programs: Georgian Foodways, Continuing Education Abroad, and Security and Society.

Fall study abroad deadlines are also coming up in a few days. You still have time to apply!

SRAS students attending St. Petersburg programs this fall may wish to add Baltic Energy in Changing Energy Landscape (August 15-29) to their programs. Contact SRAS for more information on adding this program to your SRAS experience.

Check out this month's newsletter below for great material from our writers - on art in Siberia, on exploring the history of the KGB in Moscow, on how Buryats perceive Buryat culture, on developing ecotourism on Baikal, on Kazan's religious diversity, and much more!


Table of contents
GeoHistory     Students Abroad    Russian Language
PopKult     Museum Studies Abroad     Books

Study Abroad
in Eurasia!

Study Abroad
in Cuba and Russia!

Study Abroad
in Poland!

- Summer Study Abroad -
Extended application deadlines for these programs: May 15
See individual program pages for more info
Statement on the St. Petersburg consulate closure

In Warsaw: Security and Society  (Contact us about New Media scholarships)

In Georgia: Georgian Foodways  (alumni scholarships available! Contact us.) 
                  Continuing Education Abroad
(+Ukraine - for educators) 

- Fall Study Abroad -
Application deadlines: Start May 15
See individual program pages for more info
Statement on the St. Petersburg consulate closure

In most locations: Russian as a Second Language
                            Challenge Grants (funding!)

In Warsaw: Security and Society

In Bishkek: Central Asian Studies

In Kiev: Policy and Conflict in the Post Soviet Space

In Russia: Diplomacy and International Relations at MGIMO 
                Society, Business, and the Arts
Russia and the Environment
                The Russian Far East
History and Current Events in Perspective

Russia on the Ground     Foreign Affairs     TV News
What do Russians think about issues that matter? What is going on in Russian foreign relations? How does Russian TV really report on the main issues of the day? These free monthly resources from are meant to keep you informed.

Buryats on Buryatia
SRAS Challenge Grant writer Alaina DeLeo spent time traveling Buryatia and meeting Buryats there and in Irkutsk, where both she and they were studying over the 2017-2018 academic year. She conducted the following interview about Buryat culture and identity with two male Buryat university students in Irkutsk.

Ecotourism in Siberia: Development and Challenges on Olkhon Island
Tourism in Russia today makes up approximately 16% of the nation’s economy; however, “ecotourism” comprises only about 1% of Russia’s tourism sector. Given that 65% of Russia’s diverse lands are wilderness and largely untouched by development, Russia is in a favorable position to significantly realize its ecotourism potential. A new article from SRAS Home and Abroad Scholar Rylin McGee.

 Students Abroad
Travel, Study, Volunteer, Work Abroad

The Golden Ring: Kostroma, Yaroslavl and Rostov Veliky from Moscow 
The Golden Ring, a group of historic cities northeast of Moscow, is known for kremlins, monasteries and churches preserved from the 12th–18th centuries. How to get the best of it in just a couple of days? Learn more in this new article from SRAS Home and Abroad Scholar (and traveler extraordinaire) Katheryn Weaver!

Russian Banya in Irkutsk 
One of the most relaxing ways to spend time with friends and rid yourself of some stress is visiting a Russian banya. Not only is this beneficial to one’s health, but it is also a great way to experience one of Russia’s fun traditions. Don't know the difference between black and white banyas? Then check out this article from SRAS Challenge Grant recipient Alaina Deleo! 

Trip to Kazan from Moscow
What makes Kazan such an attractive place for the tourists? What should one visit in this beautiful city? SRAS Home and Abroad Scholar Katheryn Weaver is ready to provide you with the answers!

Eurasian Languages and Cultures
Lessons and Resources from around the Web

In Russian, Blame the Cat
A look at Russian idioms about cats from Michele Berdy of the Moscow Times.

Learn the Polish Alphabet
The Polish alphabet is a highly challenging one - with many special characters and several characters that look similar to English letters but which carry different pronunciations.
Contemporary Eurasian Popular Culture

Nashe Radio    Polish Pop Hits    Russkoe Radio   Top Russian Movies
Find out what local language hits are playing on local radio stations in Poland and Russia and on Russian silver screens with these free monthly resources from

Comedy Woman
Comedy Woman (title originally in English) is a Russian sketch/standup comedy show—sort of the female version of the popular Comedy Club, in which women barely take part. The show started in 2008, and is still going strong today.

Featured Book!
High Culture, Museum Science

Irkutsk Regional Art Museum Exhibit: Homeland 
SRAS Home and Abroad Scholar Rylin McGee explores an art exibit that shows the work of a native Irkutsk painter who built his career in realism around the diversity of the Irkutsk region, featuring local people, culture, and nature as subjects in his paintings.  

Lubyanka and the GULAG: a walking tour of Moscow’s history 
There is always history surrounding us. In a city like Moscow, this can seem overwhelmingly apparent. Moscow has many imposing buildings from many eras – some are immediately recognizable and others only invite wonder as to what stories lay behind their beauty or grime. Find out more from SRAS Home and Abroad Scholar Katheryn Weaver.

Books from Amazon
New Releases!

The Biosphere and Civilization: In the Throes of a Global Crisis
This monograph explores the dire ecological, social, and economic situations facing mankind through comprehensive analyses of global ecological issues, poverty, environmental stability and regulation, and sustainable development. Also, congratulations to SRAS graduate Steven McGrath, now a published translator!

Daughter of the Cold War
Born in Latvia, Grace lived in seven countries and spoke five languages before the age of eleven. As a child, she witnessed Hitler’s march into Prague, attended a Soviet school during World War II, and sailed the seas with her father. Daughter of the Cold War is a tale of all these adventures and so much more. This compelling and evocative memoir allows readers to follow Grace's amazing path through life – a whirlwind journey of survival, risk, and self-discovery through a kaleidoscope of many countries, historic events, and fascinating people.

Russian Émigré Short Stories from Bunin to Yanovsky
Fleeing Russia amid the chaos of the Russian Revolution and subsequent Civil War, many writers went on to settle in Paris, Berlin and elsewhere and forged new lives in exile. Much of their subsequent work, published in Russian language magazines and books, is entirely unknown in the West and has only been recently discovered in Russia itself. As well as including stories by the most famous émigré writers, this collection introduces many lesser known voices.

Designed in the USSR: 1950-1989 
A fascinating glimpse into design behind the Iron Curtain, revealed through the products and graphics of everyday Soviet life. This captivating survey of Soviet design from 1950 to 1989 features more than 350 items from the Moscow Design Museum's unique collection. Organized into three chapters - Citizen, State, and World - the book is a micro-to-macro tour of the functional, kitsch, politicized, and often avant-garde designs from this largely undocumented period.

A World of Empires: The Russian Voyage of the Frigate Pallada 
Many people are familiar with American Commodore Matthew Perry’s expedition to open trade relations with Japan in the early 1850s. Less well known is that on the heels of the Perry squadron followed a Russian expedition secretly on the same mission. Serving as secretary to the naval commander was novelist Ivan Goncharov, who turned his impressions into a book, The Frigate Pallada, which became a bestseller in imperial Russia. In A World of Empires, Edyta Bojanowska uses Goncharov’s fascinating travelogue as a window onto global imperial history in the mid-nineteenth century.

Music and Soviet Power, 1917-1932
The October Revolution of 1917 tore the fabric of Russian musical life: institutions collapsed, and leading composers emigrated or fell into silence. But in 1932, at the outset of the 'socialist realist' period, a new Stalinist music culture was emerging. Between these two dates lies a turbulent period of change which this book charts year by year.

Resettling the Borderlands: State Relocations and Ethnic Conflict in the South Caucasus
Until the arrival of the Russian Empire in the early nineteenth century, the South Caucasus was traditionally contested by two Muslim empires, the Ottomans and the Persians. Over the following two centuries, Orthodox Christian Russia – and later the officially atheist Soviet Union – expanded into the densely populated Muslim towns and villages and began a long process of resettlement, deportation, and interventionist population management in an attempt to incorporate the region into its own lands and culture.

Framing Mary: The Mother of God in Modern, Revolutionary, and Post-Soviet Russian Culture
Despite the continued fascination with the Virgin Mary in modern and contemporary times, very little of the resulting scholarship on this topic extends to Russia. Russia’s Mary, however, who is virtually unknown in the West, has long played a formative role in Russian society and culture.

Simply Tolstoy
In Simply Tolstoy, Professor Donna Tussing Orwin traces the author’s profound journey of discovery and explains how he mined his tumultuous inner life to create his great works, including War and Peace, Anna Karenina and The Death of Ivan Ilych. Mixing biography, literary analysis, and history, Simply Tolstoy is a satisfying read for those already familiar with the author’s work, as well as an accessible and thoroughly engaging introduction to a literary giant who was also a tireless and uncompromising seeker of truth.



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