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SRAS Holds Seminar
"Living and Working in Russia"
by Erin Decker, Moscow Coordinator, SRAS

On Tuesday, November 2, SRAS hosted its "Living and Working in Russia" seminar at Guriya, a Georgian restaurant. The seminar is held once a semester and includes a light dinner of delicious traditional Georgian dishes and focuses on issues affecting those hoping to return to Russia long-term for work or to perform research.

Each semester, the seminar includes a formal presentation by SRAS's Assistant Director, Josh Wilson, on searching for jobs and housing, obtaining the necessary documents to live and work in Russia, and navigating the often-arduous Russian bureaucracy. This is followed by a round-table discussion with SRAS students and several invited guests to discuss employment in specific sectors and personal experience with life and work in Russia.

Guest speakers this semester included Guy Archer, the long-time communications director for the American Chamber of Commerce in Russia, and Teri Lindeberg, the founder and CEO of Staffwell, a leading recruitment and executive search firm in Russia. Also on hand were two relatively recent college graduates who have now been working in Russia for 2-3 years: Bradley Gorski works as the Russia Coordinator for EducationUSA, an affiliate of the US Department of State that promotes U.S. higher education around the world; Danielle Gill is a former SRAS student  and intern now working as a translator for Troika Dialog, one of Russia's largest investment banks. Lastly, Phil Skotte, the head of American Citizen Services from the US Embassy was also present to discuss work in the Foreign Service as well as what embassy services are available to US citizens in Russia.

The diversity and size of the group provided for a great dynamic and lively conversation. Students had the opportunity to ask many questions from experts and gain valuable information about and contacts in, Russia's challenging but promising job market for foreigners. Opportunities for employment for Russian-speakers in the US were also discussed.

This seminar is part of SRAS's regular program offerings in Moscow and usually timed so that students in SRAS programs in St. Petersburg and Nizhniy Novgorod can also participate while visiting Moscow on an optional travel package offered each semester.


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