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Luke Rodeheffer Recieves $200 Jury Award
from Vestnik, The Journal of Russian and Asian Studies

The School of Russian and Asian Studies congratulates Luke Rodeheffer as the recipient of the first-ever $200 Jury Prize from Vestnik, The Journal of Russian and Asian Studies.

Vestnik encourages students to study any subject related to the countries of the former Soviet Union. Vestnik also encourages students to develop original ideas on their subject matter and to back those ideas with solid arguments and evidence drawn from original research.

In his work entitled "Ordinary Men: Collaboration and Resistance in Occupied Mogilevskaya Oblast," Mr. Rodeheffer provides a detailed look at what life was like for the inhabitants of a small part of Nazi-occupied Belarus during WWII. He draws upon a wide array of primary source documents, including from both the Soviet and Nazi sides, and from both government sources and individual memoirs. With this broad material and a tight geographical focus, Mr. Rodeheffer achieves something that too few histories do: he portrays the citizenry not as a background to a great event and not as broad groups to be blamed, pitied, or romanticized, but rather as thousands of individuals. Mr. Rodeheffer describes a specific region populated with specific people, each with family, friends, and individual concerns, and who are, for the most part, simply trying to live and follow their principles as best they can under extraordinary circumstances.

The Vestnik Editorial Board applauds Luke Rodeheffer, currently an undergraduate at Lewis and Clark College (USA), for his detailed and multi-lingual research, part of which he conducted abroad in Russian government archives in Moscow

The Vestnik Editorial Board would also like to recognize another contributing author, Melissa Yael Jacobowitz, for a Jury Award honorable mention. Her "Identity Fragmentation in Babel's 'Story of My Dovecote'" is a phenomenal example of literary criticism. Through meticulous rhetorical and narrative analysis of both the original Russian text and its English translation, Ms. Jacobowitz builds clear and powerful arguments that impart to the reader not only a deeper understanding of Babel's story, but also a deeper understanding of how minority identities can fracture in a prejudiced society.  

The board thanks also thanks the other contributors of this eighth issue of Vestnik, including Eliot Stempf, Eric M. Souder, Bradley Gorski, and Sarah Beckham Hooff, for their hard work in working with the board and each other to revise and improve their papers and create a very strong issue of Vestnik, The Journal of Russian and Asian Studies.

The Call for Papers for our ninth issue is currently underway.

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