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Summer Study Abroad: Update on Recent Diplomatic Events

SRAS Announces Special Moscow-St.Petersburg Summer RSL Program for 2018

Summer Study Abroad: Important Updates

The State of Study Abroad in Russia

Russian Studies Abroad (RSA) Splits Into Two Programs

Join SRAS at NAFSA and Forum

SRAS and SPBGIKIT Language Partnership: The Year in Review

SRAS Site Visit to Irkutsk

Summer Programs Abroad - 2018

Travel Alert for Russian Cities: May 25 - July 25, 2018

Scholarships Available!

Stetson University and SRAS Announce New Partnership

Call for Papers: Vestnik!


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This month, we bring you a double issue. Our latest newsletter with regular features and updated information about our programs in Kiev.

In addition, our ninth issue of Vestnik, dedicated to showcasing the best in student research, maintains its established traditions - but with a new twist. In history, we offer "The Soviet Union in Angola: Soviet and African Perspectives on the Failed Socialist Transformation," a fascinating look at the foreign policy and activities of the USSR in Africa. In art, we have "The Conscript and the Commander: The Pictorial Tradition in Sokurov’s Confession," which examines an early post-Soviet military documentary and the painting techniques that helped inspire it.

As a twist, this issue also features several personal reflections rather than focusing strictly on academic writing. Leading these entries is "Once Upon a Time in Eastern Europe: Memoirs of a Soviet Child." This primary source document is the personal memoirs of Katya Hansen, who emigrated from Ukraine shortly after the fall of the Soviet Union. We have also published three essays from American students studying in St. Petersburg on what has impressed them about Russian culture.

In this month's newsletter:

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$200 Jury Award for Your Research!
Vestnik, the world's first online journal focused on showcasing student research on Eurasia, invites papers written by undergraduates, graduates, and postgraduates on any subject related to Russia and the states of the former Soviet Union.

7 Books By Michael McFaul
Many are praising the selection of Mr. McFaul as Ambassador to Russia because of his deep knowledge of the country and closeness to President Obama. Others are concerned, however, that McFaul has been an ideologically charged and vocal critic of Russia, that he has little experience in diplomacy, and point out that these two issues may complicate if not harm relations. McFaul, as a Russian scholar, has written quite prolifically on Russia (and his opinions) - these books can illustrate what those opinions are and give some insight into where America's relations with Russia will go next.

Obama to Name McFaul as Ambassador to Russia
President Obama’s pick for the next U.S. ambassador to Moscow is a trusted adviser who helped engineer the “reset” in U.S.-Russia relations three years ago, while also frequently chiding Kremlin leaders for backsliding on democratic reforms.

The Journal of Russian and Asian Studies

Art, Africa
and Memoirs!

Issue 9         Spring, 2011


Pictorial Tradition in Sokurov’s Confession
Marked by Sokurov’s distinctive use of painterly cinematography, Confession’s visual qualities distinguish it from typical examples of documentary film. Recipient of the $200 Jury Award!

The Soviet Union in Angola
Africa’s drive for independence came to a head by the 1960s, at the height of the Cold War.

Memoirs of a Soviet Child
In 1990, I was a six-year old girl living in the Ukrainian SSR, in a country called the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.

- Essay: Russian Cultural Values
- Essay: Government and Human Rights in the Russian Mindset
- Essay: My Assessment of Russian Culture


"Super Putin"
A new, tounge-in-cheek Internet comic about Putin and "Nano-person" Medevdev. There is now an English translation on the same website!

Что такое оппозиция?
An official Kremlin site puts the opposition into very simple terms for school kids.

Grammatica helps you analyze grammar, displays stress marks and turns any Russian text into learning material.

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SRAS Spring Study Abroad
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Featured Location: NovoMova (Kiev)
With an extensive selection of Russian language programs from beginner to advanced levels, NovoMova also boasts some of the most creative social programs of all the language schools in Ukraine.

Cultural Program: Kiev
We begin our excursion near the newly renovated Golden Gate site which for many centuries served as the main entrance to Kiev.

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- Killing Fulbright-Hays
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- Colleges Add Language Immersion
- Rating of Russian Universities

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Interview with MGU Journalism Head on Media Freedom
How Russia’s top journalism school is revamping its curriculum to create a new culture of press freedom.

Search for Old Believers
Many of the Old Believers fled from the Tsar’s rule, settling in various places: in this deep forest in the Suwalszczyzna; in the area south of it near Belarus; and on the shores of Lake Peipus in Estonia, then ruled by Sweden. They have been in these remote regions ever since. But finding them can be a bit of a problem.

Interview with Arkady Dvokovitch on Russia's Investment Climate
Akardy Dvorkovich is one of the faces of Russia’s liberal reform program and, as special economic advisor to President Dmitry Medvedev, he is in a position to make a difference.

Russian Policy Options in the Arctic
This issue of the Russian Analytical Digest examines Russia’s Arctic policy. The three authors consider different aspects of this policy and approach to the Arctic.

Joint Report by the Coordinators of the U.S.-Russia Presidential Commission
The primary focus of the Presidential Commission’s work in its second year has been dedicated to expanding our common agenda and to developing new opportunities for partnership between the United States and Russia.

Putin Interviewed by Outdoor Life Magazine
A great deal of your popularity, both in Russia and in the United States, stems from your involvement and enjoyment in the outdoors. At what point in your life did you first become interested in the outdoors?

Lenin's Jewish Roots Declassified
Among dozens of newly released documents on display at the State History Museum is a letter written by Lenin's eldest sister, Anna Ulyanova, saying that their maternal grandfather was a Ukrainian Jew who converted to Christianity to escape the Pale of Settlement and gain access to higher education.

Survey Shows Details of Urban Life
While the report claims there are "more similarities between Moscow and, say, London than between Moscow and Novosibirsk," and that Muscovites' annual retail spending, at 7,619 euros ($10,667), is more than twice as high as that of the average Russian (3,571 euros), it notes that Muscovites' retail spending is greater than that of the average German (5,600 euros) or Briton (5,760 euros).


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