Jewish Studies in Poland
The Triumphs and Tragedies of the European Jews

(Program in English; Open to all interested)

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For many centuries, Poland was the home of the majority of Jews in the world. Enforced religious tolerance made Poland a destination for Jews persecuted elsewhere. This massive population contributed to Poland's golden age, building successful commercial, cultural, and social networks. Poland's Jews were decimated during WWII and persecuted under the Communist regime, but today, democratic Poland is reviving as a vibrant center of Jewish culture, with hundreds of scholars studying the wider region's historical sites and artifacts that so richly portray the triumphs and tragedies of the European Jews.

Jewish Studies in Poland combines classroom lectures with workshops, guest speakers, and visits to historical sites. Many class sessions will be held in the newly-opened modern Museum of the History of Polish Jews, a narrative museum with an interactive multimedia core exhibition covering 1000 years of Jewish history on Polish soil. The museum director, Professor Dariusz Stola, is a former vice-rector for Collegium Civitas and still teaches there. Collegium Civitas is a top-rated non-public university in downtown Warsaw and coordinates this program in conjunction with SRAS.

This program is open to anyone interested in studying the history of the European Jews and the current status of the Israeli state in the world. It should be of special interest to anyone seeking to understand the history of WWII and Communism, how state policy can help or hinder social tolerance, or in learning more about the Yiddish or Polish languages. Join SRAS and Collegium Civitas next semester or summer for a fascinating look at Jewish culture, history, and revival!


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Jewish studies are offered as part of SRAS's Security and Society program. For dates, costs, and details, please click here.

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