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As part of our endeavor to provide real and interesting information to students considering Russia as a study, travel or career destination, we've begun to interview "expats"* and others with first-hand experience of the Russian economy, education system and job/internship market. The reasons for this part of the site are numerous. First, of course, the Russian economy is booming and is now being invested in heavily by western companies. Second, Russia has therefore become an object of high interest for students and teachers in various fields of relevance to Russia, especially business. Third, we just happen to know some really interesting people in Russia, with some really interesting stories.  We thought you might enjoy getting to know them too.

*“Expat” is the affectionate name that foreigners (especially Americans) who have come to Russia to live and work use to refer to themselves.

**More student interviews are now available. If you would like to contact former students who have participated in a program you are considering, contact us and we will supply you with contact information from students who have volunteered to answer questions. 

2014-02-05 - Adam Brunets: Keeping Boeing Globally Compliant

2014-02-05 - Christine Jacobson: Russia, Kyrgyzstan, the US, and Back Again

2014-02-04 - Adam Fuss: Translating Russian Communications

2014-02-04 - Ben Morano: National Endowment for Democracy

2014-01-27 - Christopher Brennan: Online News from Russia

2013-03-13 - Julius Wachtel: History, Fiction, and Something Inbetween

2013-02-04 - Matt Robertson: From Russian History to Environment

2012-08-31 - Lara Peterson: Employment in Russia's Wilderness

2012-08-31 - Kyra Gordon: God, Guns, and Russia

2012-08-30 - Elizabeth Bagot: From Intern to Professional in Russia

2012-08-27 - Erin Decker: Translation, Editing, and Advancement in Russia

2012-02-09 - Cody White, A Touch of Engineering in Russia

2011-01-30 - Mark Bowman, NASA, Moscow

2011-01-28 - Shoshana Bella Billik: Techy Russian

2011-01-23 - Chris Pike: Adventure and Russia

2011-01-18 - Bradley Gorski: EducationUSA in Russia

2010-12-25 - Jess Rivet: Canadian Goalie in Russia

2010-10-01 - Stephanie Briggs, Disabled in Russia

2010-10-01 - Robert Chandler: Translation as a Career and a Love

2010-09-30 - Anne Fisher: Translation and Interpreting

2010-09-29 - Renee Stillings, SRAS Program Director

2010-08-31 - David Diamonon, Amsted Rail, Russia

2010-08-31 - Chet Bowling, Business and Racism in Russia

2010-08-31 - Max Yacoub, Racism in Russia and Ukraine

2010-01-29 - Mark Lowry: How Russian Children Learn Russian

2009-09-22 - Tabitha Smith: Practical Pulsars

2009-08-04 - Julia Vail: Reporting on Russia

2008-12-09 - Faith Seim: The Drama of Russia

2008-11-14 - Devin Connolly, Central Asian Tour Guide

2008-03-27 - Nora Favorov: Russian-English Translation

2008-03-27 - Michele Whaley, Teaching Russian in Alaska Schools

2007-12-19 - Katherine Avgerinos, MA Program, Maxwell School

2007-10-01 - Greg Michael, ESA Mars Express Scientist

2007-08-22 - Terah Yaroch, United Nations, Africa

2007-07-23 - Heidi McCormack, General Motors, Russia

2007-05-24 - Owen Murray, Nontrad'l Student, Rostov-na-Donu

2007-03-03 - Kimberly O'Haver, Open Society Institute, New York

2006-12-13 - Baruch M. Gurfein, New Tech, Molodova

2006-05-23 - Michael Kogan, American Home, Vladimir

2006-05-15 - Andrea Neulaendtner, SRAS Graduate, Moscow

2006-04-26 - Sergei Grigoriev, Russia-US Business Council, Moscow

2006-04-20 - James Goldgeier, George Washington University

2006-01-24 - Kathryn Howard, Art Program, St. Petersburg

2006-01-23 - Mike Smith, SRAS Graduate, St. Petersburg

2006-01-23 - Melissa Tyson, Arts Program Student, St. Petersburg

2006-01-23 - Emy Wangborg, SRAS Graduate, Moscow

2005-09-23 - Paul E. Richardson, Rus. Info. Services

2005-08-23 - Becky Bavinger, SRAS Graduate, St. Petersburg

2005-06-16 - Susanna Weygandt, GITIS Attendee, Moscow

2005-06-09 - Jean-Marc Roumayat, SRAS Graduate, Rostov

2005-04-27 - Christine Nakahara, SRAS Graduate, Moscow

2005-04-05 - Sandra Evans, EUSP Graduate, St. Petersburg

2005-03-28 - Brian Horne, SRAS Graduate, MGU, Moscow

2005-03-22 - Neal Kumar, Student of European U., St. Petersburg

2005-02-17 - Morgyn Chandler, SRAS Graduate, St,. Petersburg

2005-02-17 - Mark Lanning, SRAS Graduate, Moscow

2005-02-09 - Jean-Marc Roumayat, SRAS Graduate, Irkutsk

2005-02-09 - Amy Brady, SRAS Graduate, St. Petersburg

2005-02-01 - Bernie Sucher, capital markets, Moscow

2005-01-25 - Brian Carlson, SRAS Graduate, Moscow

2005-01-25 - Seth Bridge, SRAS Graduate, Moscow

2004-12-29 - Amanda Rae Jones, MXAT American Studio Graduate

2004-12-21 - Marshelle Machtan, SRAS Graduate, Moscow and Ukraine

2004-12-09 - Monica Belz, SRAS Graduate, St. Petersburg

2004-12-07 - Steven Brown, Solntse Mexico, Moscow

2004-11-24 - J. Quinn Martin, Editor-in-Chief, Passport Magazine

2004-10-27 - Holly McMurtry, SRAS Graduate, Nizhny Novgorod

2004-10-20 - Robert Aronson, MiraMed Program Director, Russia

2004-10-10 - John Rose, Rose Creative Strategies

2004-09-30 - John Freedman, Man of the Newspaper, Theatre, etc.