Corinne Hughes
Receives Vestnik Jury Award

For Immediate Release

Vestnik---placeholderThe School of Russian and Asian Studies congratulates Corinne Hughes as the recipient of the $200 Jury Award from Vestnik, The Journal of Russian and Asian Studies for our 16th issue.

Vestnik encourages students to study any subject related to the countries of the former Soviet Union. Vestnik also encourages students to develop original ideas on their subject matter and to back those ideas with solid arguments and evidence drawn from original research.

In her work entitled “Accessible Art and Dialectic Potential: The Soviet Legacy in the Art Community of Kyrgyzstan," Ms. Hughes provides original, on-the-ground research into a lightly-covered subject of current importance: the creative potential and civil society community of Central Asia. Beyond its regional focus, however, we feel that this enterprising work will be of interest and use to those studying the continued impact of the Soviet legacy on all the former Soviet republics as well as those interested generally in the intersection of art, society, and governance that exists in all societies.

The Vestnik Editorial Board applauds Corinne Hughes, a recent graduate from the Evergreen State College with a concentration in Russian and Eurasian Studies, for traveling abroad to perform original research, and for her well-argued and highly structured analysis of that research, producing a true contribution to multiple fields of research.

The board would also like to award an honorable mention to Chloe Kay, whose "Contemporary Russian-Serbian Relations: Interviews with Youth in Serbia," also made extraordinary use of primary research abroad to produce a unique resource on an issue of contemporary importance.

The board would also like to recognize all other contributors to this remarkably strong 16th issue of Vestnik: Rupert Holland, Joseph Belza, and Jacqueline Dufalla, all produced phenomenal original research utilizing primary documents and worked hard with the board and each other to revise and improve their papers. The board is particularly proud of this issue of Vestnik, The Journal of Russian and Asian Studies and we hope our contributors and readers are as well.


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