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Basic Rules for Those Living in the Dormitories

  1. Make sure you always lock your dorm room door as you leave, even if you will only be out of your room for a few minutes or will remain close by. Neither SRAS, the dorm staff, or the university will be held responsible for items lost or stolen from your room.
  2. Quiet hours (meaning no disruptive music, large groups in common areas or dorm rooms, loud voices, etc.) begin at 11:00 pm.
  3. Some dorms have lockdown hours - meaning you may not be let back into the dorm if you arrive during lockdown hours. If a dorm has lockdown hours (refer to your Orientation Guide or inquire with SRAS), they are usually from 1 am - 5.30 am.
  4. Comply with fire safety rules. There is no smoking anywhere inside the dorm - if you see other students ignoring this rule, do NOT follow suit - it could get you evicted. Unplug all appliances (especially things like irons and hair dryers) when you are done with them. The wiring in most dorms is fairly old and leaving appliances plugged in can risk damage to the appliance or even risk starting a fire. In some dorms it is not allowed to use electrical appliances like electric kettles, stoves, or microwaves in the room - before purchasing/using such an item make sure it is permissible.
  5. Any damage caused by you to university property will be paid for by you. This includes damage to the furniture, linen, lamps, heaters, or anything else in your room that is not your property, as well as to items in the common areas.
  6. It is your responsibility to maintain the room in good order. While you may not feel it is the business of the dorm administration how you keep your room, please realize that they actually are responsible for things like overall sanitary conditions, pests, fire, safety, etc., and not maintaining your room in good order can result in eviction from the dorm.
  7. The cleanliness of your room, shower, and toilet is your own responsibility. These are facilities shared between college students and, as such, may be dirty even upon your arrival. If you find their condition unacceptable, it is, unfortunately, your own responsibility to clean them and/or to arrange with the students sharing the facilities to help clean them. If you find your roommate/blockmate is unreasonable about cleanliness issues, you may request with the office in charge of your housing (listed on the orientation guide you will be issued before departure) that you be moved to a new room.
  8. All public places, such as kitchens and washing areas, should be in the same or better condition when you leave them as when you came to them. You are responsible for removing your own trash and cleaning any messes. Kitchens are public and while they are cleaned regularly, they can become dirty quickly due to the amount of people that use them. Unfortunately, not much can be done about this as the dormitories are not staffed with 24-hour janitorial services. Besides doing your cooking early, you may also politely request of others sharing the space that they be more careful in cleaning after they use the facilities. In extreme cases, contact the dormitory attendant or your or your housing coordinator (listed on the pre-departure materials you will be issued) and explain the issue to them. 
  9. The dorm provides linen and towel changes periodically – usually every 10-14 days. (Note: the university in Vladivostok does not provide towels.)
  10. Above all, remember always to be respectful, kind and considerate with your blockmates. Treat others as you wish to be treated. Requests for quiet or cleaning are not personal attacks, but simply requests.
  11. You can have visitors, but you must ask for a pass for your guest in advance. The guest must leave the dorm by 11 pm. No overnight visitors are allowed.
  12. Should maintenance problems arise with the dormitory facilities (e.g., light bulbs burning out, toilets backing up, etc.), advise your dormitory attendant or your housing coordinator (listed on the pre-departure materials you will be issued), and they will work with the staff to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.
  13. It should go without saying, but drugs, violence, harassment, and other illegal activities will not be tolerated. Students involved in such activities will be expelled from their programs without refund and may be held to prosecution under the laws of the Russian Federation.
  14. These are general rules - some dormitories will issue other specific rules that you will be obliged to follow in addition to these.

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