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Chisinau Students' Guide
Everything to know about staying awhile


 Study Abroad
in Eurasia!


Table of Contents (jump to)

  1. Transport
  2. Museums
  3. Groceries & Consumer Goods
  4. Internet and Post


1. Maps          (back to top)

  1. Google Map of Chisinau lists some interests of note.
  2. Yandex Map of Chisinau is in Russian, but has more information available.
  3. is a locally produced map in Russian and Romanian that is by far the most informative available in terms of cafes, bus routes, fitness centers, theatres, and more.


2. The Weather           (back to top)
Climate is Chisinau is mild. Average winter temperature is about 26F (with lows of around -15). Average summer temperature is about 70F (with highs of around 90).


3. Transport           (back to top)

City transport consists of buses, trolleys, marshrutkas. Interactive map of city public transport can be found here. Enter your starting and ending point and see the route.

You can get out of the city by bus or by train for short day trips. The list of all inter-city bus stations and their schedules can be found here. The website is in Russian.

Chisinau Railway Station (the city's main rail link) is centrally located at 1 Aleea Garii. (Tel.: +373 (22) 83 2733). It is near the public transport stop Bulevardul Iuri Gagarin. You can find train timetables here

Chisinau International Airport located 13 km away from the center of Chisinau. See the airport website for directions, flight times and more.   

4. Restaurants            (back to top)

La Taifas is a good place to try some national food. If you want to feel the atmosphere of a Moldovan village, try Moldovan food and perhaps some Moldovan wine, listen to live music - this is a good place to go. It’s not too cheap but the service is good and the locals also love it. 67, Bucuresti St.; Tel.: +(373) 222 276 92 or +(373) 791 156 28

La Placinte is national Moldovan food for those who are budget concerned. It’s a cheap, delicious, and authentically national chain of restaurants with good quality food. Location: multiple

Kommunalka offers an atmosphere designed to bring back notalgic memories of life under the USSR. The food is delicious (everything in the menu is typical soviet food from multiple ex-USSR countries). The service is excellent. Prices are reasonable. You should try their Napoleon cake! Stefan cel Mare, 6; Tel.: +(373) 600 333 36

Tucano Coffee is a good, cozy coffee shop with free WIFI and nice atmosphere. Not the cheapest place but has some really good coffee and desserts. Pushkina st. 15; Tel.: +(373) 222 114 44

513 is a Middle Eastern restaurant/cafe/bar also has some European dishes. It is a good place to meet with your friends for lunch and dinner and to have parties on weekends. Location: bd. Stefan cel Mare, 79 - behind "Mihai Eminescu" Theater. It's easy to miss; it's not far down from bd. Stefan cel Mare, on the right, but there is only a small '513' sign about 3 m up on a wall next to a gate with steps up into a small outdoor courtyard. Tel.: +(373) 785 135 13

Smokehouse is a little piece of the USA in Chisinau with good BBQ and free WIFI. Not very cheap but the food is good. 128 Boulevard Stefan Cel Mare; tel.: +(373) 606 197 77


5. Museums            (back to top)

The National Museum of Fine Arts (Muzeul Național de Artă) is a museum in Chisinau by Alexandru Plamadeala and Auguste Baillayre. The first museum of Bassarabian fine art was opened on November 26, 1939; it evolved into the National Art Museum of Moldova. The building of the museum (designed by architect Alexander Bernardazzi) is a monument in Moldova. 115, 31 August 1989 Street; tel.: +(373) 022 24 13 03

National Museum of History of Moldova is a museum in Central Chisinau. Over 263,000 exhibits, 165,000 of which belong to the national heritage, are exhibited in the National Museum of History, founded in 1983 on the former Regional Lyceum. 121a, 31 August 1989 Street.


6. Groceries & Consumer Goods            (back to top)

Shopping Mall MallDova offers clothes, food, souvenirs, electronics, notebooks, shoes, and just about everything else. Arborilor 21; tel.: +(373) 226 032 55

Central Market Piata Centrala is where locals shop for the cheapest prices and freshest local products. Even if you don’t need to buy anything you should come here just for the experience itself. The place is chaotic but colorful and enjoyable. But as in any other market place you should be careful: look after your things and don’t let marketers trick you into buying something you don’t want to buy. Str. Mitropolit Varlaam, 63 / Bulevardul Ștefan cel Mare și Sfînt


7. Internet and Post           (back to top)

Free WiFi at cafes is catching on in Chisinau. If you want a dedicated experience, though, you can find a list of Internet-cafes in Chisinau here with their names, addresses, working hours. The website is in Russian.

The list of Chisinau post offices can be found here. The website is in English. You’ll see an interactive map, just find your address and click on one of the post offices closest to you to see their info.


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