SRAS Official Statement Concerning
the Events of Monday, March 29th, 2010

As you are likely already aware, a tragic event occurred in Moscow on Monday, January 24th.

SRAS learned of the events shortly after they occurred and quickly contacted all SRAS students via their SRAS-issued cell phones to inform them of events, advise them on safety, and, most importantly, to verify their well-being. Fortunately, no teachers, employees, or students of SRAS were affected by the events of that day. We join together with all Russians and with all peoples the world over in denouncing the global scourge of terrorism. 

Our programs in Moscow, including all trips, classes, and seminars, are continuing as planned. Starting dates will continue as normal, full orientations will occur as scheduled, and our popular introductory walking tour of Moscow will be held at the beginning of the semester, as it has for many semesters.

SRAS considers student safety a top priority. Students in St. Petersburg, Moscow, and Bishkek are issued cell phones so that they may stay in constant contact with us, their university, and embassy while exploring the city and culture they are visiting and studying. Students are issued insurance and advised to carry their identification, including student identification, at all times in case of emergencies. SRAS is monitoring the news carefully and is in contact with the US State Department. We will disperse news to our students as we receive it.

Students arriving to Moscow should be ready for possible delays at the airport as security is likely to be tightened both for arrivals and depatures. SRAS again reminds students to carry their emergency cards with them at all time and to print their guides to bring with them when arriving to Russia.

In summary, we would like to say that we are fully involved in planning activities for our spring program. Students, as always, are encouraged to remain curious, active, and vigilant. Moscow and Russia are still historically, culturally, and linguistically fascinating destinations that offer not only a great study abroad destination, but great experience towards building a future in diplomacy, business, or academia. We continue to welcome bright and ambitious students to this rich and ancient capital.

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